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Advice needed on incomplete item

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MollieO Thu 17-Sep-09 00:03:57

Bought a car boot rack. It arrived today but one of the feet that attaches the rack to the car boot is missing meaning it cannot be used. The rack was not particularly well packed and the bag containing the fixings wasn't taped. The outer package was torn so I assume that the fixing has been lost in transit.

What do I do? I want the boot rack but cannot use it without the missing fixing. The seller has emailed to say all the fixings were sent. I have asked him to send a replacement fixing and he hasn't replied.
The rack manufacturer is based in the USA (ebay seller is UK and nothing to indicate that this is a USA only product). I contacted a supplier in the USA but they don't carry spare parts. I have also contacted the manufacturer to find out who stocks spare parts. Should the seller be doing this?

I am an ebay novice so I'd appreciate some advice on what I should be expecting to do to resolve this.

sixlostmonkeys Thu 17-Sep-09 06:58:11

it is up to the seller to ensure that all items reach you therefor it is up to the seller to sort this out.
You have received an item not as described and so if it comes to it you can open a dispute for a full refund

MollieO Thu 17-Sep-09 11:30:23

Would I have to send it back? I had a look and I think I can get a bracket to use instead of the missing part although the bracket will cost £15. Should I ask him to pay for that? What feedback should I leave? I think he could have packaged it better but the whole in the box was caused by Parcelforce's rough handling of something clearly marked 'Fragile'.

WriggleJiggle Thu 17-Sep-09 23:26:21

I would email the seller and give them the option - either they refund you £15 towards the replacement part, or they refund you completely (including return postage) and you send the item back.

Either way would be a satisfactory outcome for you, and is always easier to give them the choice over what to do.

MollieO Fri 18-Sep-09 09:54:46

Thx Wriggle. I've asked him to forward a replacement part but not heard anything so far. I'll email him tonight with your suggestion. smile

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