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Newbie ebayer advice on descriptions for worn clothes and postage pls

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wheresmypaddle Wed 16-Sep-09 13:29:26

Hi there, I have some nice items of boys clothing that I want to sell on ebay. All have been worn but some I would say look completely new and others are worn but in good condition. I want to make sure that I describe them properly - can anyone advise on good ways to describe such items.

Also - can anyone advise on a good refund policy and whether I should post recorded delivery or not??

Sorry for all the Qs but I'm not sure where to start and I want to be a good seller!!!

cassell Wed 16-Sep-09 18:57:23

As a general description then "used but in as new condition" or "used but in good condition" would be fine but you should also point out anything like marks, damage, stains, bobbling, wear etc.

On refunds up to you, when I sell I always say no refund unless item is not as described - to stop people deciding they don't like something and then returning it (a lot of hassle!) and tbh with baby clothing the postage usually outweighs the cost of the item so postage back etc is just not worth it.

I think it's best to offer a couple of options for delivery e.g. allow your buyers to either go for 1st class post at £x or recorded at £x. With baby clothing keeping postage low is important because the price paid for the item is usually small so recorded is not really worth it and if that is the only option it may put off some buyers (as it makes your item comparatively more expensive). What you should do when you post the item is get a "proof of posting" from the post office (it's free) so that if the buyer says the item hasn't arrived you can claim back the cost from royal mail.

Hope that helps!

sixlostmonkeys Wed 16-Sep-09 19:40:58

don't give an option for recorded deliver as rec del is for the seller's benefit and so you should always use it

millenniumfalcon Wed 16-Sep-09 19:48:29

i don't go for recorded on anything below £30 value as you're insured up to (i think £28) for standard post anyway and in over 500 transactions i've never had one not arrive. anything higher value i send special delivery.

i never give choice always 1st class post because the difference in price is pennies but people really appreciate things arriving quickly.

putting in a detailed description including colours, fabrics, details etc. can help people find your item on search, also if colours aren't particularly true in the photo it can help people know exactly what they're getting.

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