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If someone asks you to meet them in a carpark with your ebay item, for them to look at it...

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HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 16:09:36 this really dodgy?

I'm selling something fairly valuable and she's been sort of making vague offers for a couple of days, but wants to see it before she buys it.

She said she'll be coming this way tomorrow and can I meet her in a carpark.

I don't understand why she didn't just ask to come to my house? Or is it safer for me in a car park?

I am thinking maybe she has a plot to steal my car or some undercover detectives coming along to seize the item. Or something. hmm


Tidey Wed 09-Sep-09 16:11:46

I really wouldn't agree to that. The likelihood is that there's no dodgy plan afoot, but it sounds rather odd to me anyway.

ButtercupWafflehead Wed 09-Sep-09 16:12:03

If I wanted to look at something, and was on my own I would much rather arrange to meet in a public place than walk into a complete strager's home.

Have you got someone burly who can accompany you? grin

EldonAve Wed 09-Sep-09 16:12:31

just say no, it sounds dubious

ButtercupWafflehead Wed 09-Sep-09 16:12:31

Is it a busy carpark?

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 16:16:13

It's Dunelm mill grin

Of all the gangster ridden places

GibbonInARibbon Wed 09-Sep-09 16:16:17

No way would I go. Say you won't have use of your car tomorrow, if she is genuine and interested she can come to your house.

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 16:17:21

Maybe she is afraid for her safety, but she'd be collecting it anyway if she'd won it - I've sold furniture this way loads of times, so not sure why.


GibbonInARibbon Wed 09-Sep-09 16:17:38

I have one not far from me if it is same branch I can sit in dark glasses, read a newspaper and have my dialing finger poised over the no.9 on my phone keypad wink

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 16:20:45

Gibbon do you think she plans to overpower me and run off with it? Or something?

Tbh I have root canal appt. anyway tomorrow so don't think timing wise it's going to be easy. Now I'm afraid of inviting her here instead in case she sizes up anything else I've got lying around...

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 16:21:08

X posts,. LOL grin

GibbonInARibbon Wed 09-Sep-09 16:23:46

See now I thought that too but did want to a) worry you or b) sound like a paranoid distrustful person with no faith in humanity.

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 16:26:40

I think we ought to form a society with membership criteria that sound exactly like that.

You can never be too careful!!

bigstripeytiger Wed 09-Sep-09 16:27:19

I think its a bit dodgy. I have heard of people in similar circumstances either being mugged, or having their house robbed while they are out at the car park.

GibbonInARibbon Wed 09-Sep-09 16:30:41

and in sweeps Tiger with rational reasoning and calming reassurance wink

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 16:33:22

Ooh dear.

<gets a bit more worried>

Apart from anything else, why the feck does it have to be Dunelm? I don't want to go there. I am not my mother.

Tidey Wed 09-Sep-09 16:39:45

But but but... you could stock up on millions of beige coffe mugs!

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 17:01:26

Well now you put it like that...mmm.

she might be planning to gag me with a matching teatowel.

HecatesTwopenceworth Wed 09-Sep-09 17:04:51

If you are worried, get a friend to go along with you.

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 17:06:35

i haven't got any friends...not round here anyway sad

and if took my mum she would be off like a bullet and up to her eyeballs in polycotton lining.

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 17:08:11

Me: 'MOTHERRRRRR!!! Help, this person is threatening me with a coir doormat! Quickly!'

Mum: 'I've scoured this store from top to bottom, and can I find a side winding thermal bodybelt, can I buffalo!'

HecatesTwopenceworth Wed 09-Sep-09 17:08:45


Ripeberry Wed 09-Sep-09 17:09:25

You are the seller, you should dictate where you meet. Why not somewhere public? Dodgy car parks does not sound good.
Why not meet at the end of your road even? Then she won't know exactly where you live (unless you have already given out your address)
I'd give this buyer a miss, too weird hmm

HelenaBonhamCarter Wed 09-Sep-09 17:13:28

Well, I've told her I have appt tmrw and can only do a different time or another day.

Apaprently (according to ebay help board) lots of people do arrange to emet at car parks. But I suppose I'm a bit worried because she hasn't actually bought it yet, and it might get damaged, especially if it gets dropped or something.

I might just say no actually.
I've offered to drop it round to her instead and see what she says to that.

GibbonInARibbon Wed 09-Sep-09 17:14:56

Me: 'MOTHERRRRRR!!! Help, this person is threatening me with a coir doormat! Quickly!'

Mum: 'I've scoured this store from top to bottom, and can I find a side winding thermal bodybelt, can I buffalo!'


Earl Grey does not taste the same once it has been snorted out. Cleaning the laptop as I type.

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