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Decided to try Amazon Marketplace instead of eBay and ...

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PurpleFrog Wed 09-Sep-09 15:54:36

.... I have just sold my first item! It is a Nintendo DS game.

I can't believe how quick and easy the listing was compared to eBay.

But now, how do I send it? Must I use 1st class post, or can I use 2nd? I can't find anything about that on Amazon. It says "standard" ..... And would you send it "signed for" or just get a Proof of posting?


PurpleFrog Thu 10-Sep-09 11:52:23

It's OK - I eventually found the Amazon Marketplace Forums and my question was answered there.... It looks like the official Amazon Marketplace help is about as useless and difficult to navigate as the eBay help! grin

Carrotfly Thu 10-Sep-09 11:55:35

Ooh thats interesting.

Did you get what you expected for it ? and are your fees considerably less ?

AramintaCane Thu 10-Sep-09 12:07:21

Did you have to wait ages for the sale. I always imagined it would be random and i would have things hanging around in the house for ages whilst I waited for someone to buy them.

PurpleFrog Thu 10-Sep-09 12:47:48

Carrotfly - I got what I expected because with Amazon Marketplace you set a price and either someone decides to pay it or not. The fees are more, but you get a certain amount of postage credit which offsets this a bit. I reckon I probably made about the same as I could have expected on eBay.

AramintaCane - the DS game took just under 2 days to sell, but I have listed 3 DVDs as well which have not gone yet. I might revise their prices in a week or so then try eBay if they are still unsold. The good thing about Amazon is because the buying is instant you can close listings if you go away etc, then open them again when you return. Otherwise, listings remain for 60 days.

However, there is no way of getting a feel for what is selling and for what price.

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