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I knew I shouldn't have bought anything from Ebay <sob>

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Pinkjenny Wed 09-Sep-09 13:45:13

I bought dd a portable DVD player from an ebay shop, which we received on Monday. It was brilliant initially, but this morning seemed to make a noise like a small explosion, and we saw a spark come out of it. It continued to work, and is working fine. Obviously, I am worried about it now, that it poses a health and safety risk. I emailed the seller this morning at 7.30am, but he hasn't replied. I have contacted a local electrical shop, and been informed that portable DVD players rarely get fixed, they normally get replaced under warranty.

We need this blardy DVD player for our hols, we fly out on Saturday!

Is there anything else I can do? <cries at prospect of dd asking for Balamory for a week and not being able to watch it>

meemarsgotabrandnewbump Wed 09-Sep-09 13:51:14

How annoying. Don't despair though, you have contacted the seller and if they are reputable (did you check their feedback?) they should have no problem replacing or refunding you.

If you have any issues then it can go to a dispute, but you should get your money back because it's faulty. It might take longer than you hope for though.

Good luck!

Pinkjenny Wed 09-Sep-09 15:12:51

Yes, it was 100% feedback, just wish he'd get back to me, I was really hoping to get this resolved before we fly out on Saturday afternoon sad

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