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Does this sound dodgy?

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citybranch Tue 08-Sep-09 10:32:42

Sold buggy on ebay, it went for quite a bit more than expected.
Seller paid by paypal and sent message that she wanted to collect. I refunded paypal and politely requested cash on collection (had stated this in listing) as friend has been victim of that chargeback scam.

Seller says no problem, but it is her mum that lives locally to me and her mum can't draw that much cash out (£300) so can she do a bank transfer? I said yes, if it is one of those 'faster payments' and is in my account within 2 hours. So she did the bank transfer while i was on the phone, and said her mum would be over in afternoon.

3 hours later - no money. Phoned seller and left a message saying that money hadn't cleared and to make things easier I would deliver to her mums address as soon as i saw it had cleared.
She said 'no thats ok, my mum lives in a flat and you wouldn't be able to find it' (?)
Tthen admitted that her bank transfers actually take 3 days!

I said, I'm sorry I need the funds to clear before collection. She sounded disappointed, said that she had wanted her mum to collect today as they were meeting up tomorrow.

In the end she said, ok. contact me when you see the funds in your account.

She has 20 pos feedback since 2003, so a few a year. Her registered ebay address is a business address in the city of london.
Now thinking back, when she was doing the bank transfer as we spoke on the phone, she never asked my name. (unless she got it from somewhere else but you'd think she'd confirm it as we spoke, iykwim)

Is this a total scam or am i being too suspicious?
I just want cash on collection, is it so hard?

PortAndLemon Tue 08-Sep-09 10:35:49

I think it's probably not a scam, just that she doesn't use eBay often, and possibly not at all before now for significant things. But you are entirely right to be cautious, as it's possibly a scam even if probably not.

MaDuggar Wed 09-Sep-09 08:16:13

Once the bank transfer has gone through, there is no way for anyone to claim that money back. YOu are fine to then hand over the buggy

stressed2007 Wed 09-Sep-09 13:37:15

Is that true? I am not sure it is. Even once a cheque has cleared the bank it is drawn on can get it back under certain circumstances I think.

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