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delivery to isle of man - is this my fault? or ebay error?

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stressed2007 Mon 07-Sep-09 11:44:16

Just sold large item. I do not put in every item - to jersey £ extra, to outer hebrides £ extra etc. I am not a business seller.

In the past if someone from europe has bought something they email you after to say what is postage cost - they can't automatically check out.

Anyway have sold large item and someone has just checked straight out with normal uk delivery cost. Courier just quoted £11 more to send to Isle of Mann.

Have sent query to buyer but they may get shirty? Should ebay just automatically allow then to check straight out? Can I cancel the sale? I am not going to be taking the £11 hit as it will end up costing me.

Any thoughts on what has happened/what I should do?


sixlostmonkeys Mon 07-Sep-09 12:48:11

send them an amended invoice for the correct P&P.

for future listings either fill in the box for overseas p&p or set your preferences to block bids from countries to which you don't ship . - it makes it simpler all round

weegiemum Mon 07-Sep-09 12:51:58

Just to let you know - Outer Hebrides is part of the UK

So if you use the Post Office to post things, it isn't any cheaper on the mainland

(sorry, years of arguing with delivery people over this!!! I lived there for 10 years!!!).

Isle of Man is different - not "strictly" UK.

If you ever need couriers to Outer Hebs - then CAT me and I can give you some details!

stressed2007 Mon 07-Sep-09 12:53:37

Any idea how I do this? I tried to do this the other day when for some reason a buyer was charged too much p& p and I wanted to discount it and I could not work out how to do it so instead sent psypal refund. Thanks

NewPinkPup Mon 07-Sep-09 18:57:31

I live on the Isle Of Man, Post office/parcelforce charge the same, as we are classed as UK zone 1, same as mainland (due to their need to fly here every day.
Otherwise: (still parcelforce)is £10.99 48HR & £11.99 24HR per box up to 30kg in weight. I think it's also the same if you book throught ebay/paypal. At least it is this way!
What is it you need to send?

NewPinkPup Mon 07-Sep-09 19:02:13

sorry for the terrible typing blush feeding ds.
If you need any help give me a shout

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