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Unpaid item, dispute or second chance offer?

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WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 31-Aug-09 09:01:15

I sold an item 8 days ago to someone with very good extensive feedback as a buyer, I have sent 3 friendly reminder e-mails, but no payment and no communication.

Do I have to open an un-paid item dispute thingy, or can I just cancel and make a second chance offer to the next buyer in line? (bid was only 50p less).


liahgen Mon 31-Aug-09 09:03:39

personally i would offer to 2nd buyer. If original buyer has good feedback then they might have had a crisis of some sort.

You need to laeve it 10 days anyway don't you?

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Mon 31-Aug-09 09:03:54

i would do second chance offer. I would also email the bidder and tell them you are doing this.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 31-Aug-09 09:04:39

Is it 10 days? I thought I was only 7?

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