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what would you do?

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bubble2bubble Sat 22-Aug-09 12:09:42

Sold a Ralph Lauren Shirt - bit of a bargain as never worn, bought in the US so label says size 10 and we all know this means 14 in the UK ( I have never been a size 10 so would not have bought one! ) Explained this all in the description

So the buyer comes back with really aggressive email saying that it doesn't fit and is obviously not a size 14 as the label says 10 etc etc, demading money back and refund of return postage

I'm a bit irritated but have no problem with refunds so write back a very conciliatory email to say yes, of course send it back - I am selling for charity and have no interest in getting into a dispute, have 100% feedback etc This was 10 days ago and I have heard nothing

So do I email Mrs Very Agressive Ebayer and ask what is happening, or just leave well enough alone? checking my feedback every day to see if she's left any nasty comments?
This has never happened to me before, so really not sure what to do....

Fluffypoms Sat 22-Aug-09 14:15:56

If you have explained size in description.
then buyer is in the wrong.

as you have already emailed her the ball is now in her court.

also if you do get bad feedback you do get a chance to add your explantion.

maxybrown Sun 23-Aug-09 11:04:19

sounds nonsense to me. I reckon they would have been back in touch by now. You can have any unfair feedback removed anyway smile

tethersend Tue 25-Aug-09 11:40:38

Did you put the measurements of the item in the description?

For all future listings, do so, no matter what the label says, as it covers you when people complain that it doesn't fit- ebay/paypal will then find in your favour if it comes to a dispute.

FWIW, I would also rather give her a refund if she returns it- at her cost

Keep all copies of emails; you can then get ebay to remove any neg feedback if it appears.

bubble2bubble Tue 25-Aug-09 18:42:41

Very good point about the measurements Tethersend - didn't occur to me.
On the other hand if I bought a shirt in a shop I wouldn't measure it, but take the size as standard.
Also, if I bought a shirt on Ebay and it didn't fit, I would probably just re-sell it - wouldn't think of sending it back or accusiong the seller of trying to con me - maybe there's something worng with me?! hmm

The whole thing's just bugging me and put me rright off Ebay. Getting a load of stuff ready to take to the charity shop instead

maxybrown Tue 25-Aug-09 21:40:04

bubble2bubble, ebay is getting a bit like that. I wouldn't dream of doing that if something didn't fit....still that's other folk eh? Did you hear back from them?

bubble2bubble Tue 25-Aug-09 22:00:18

no, still no word - maybe they reconsidered! ( or suddenly lost a lot of weight )

maxybrown Tue 25-Aug-09 22:18:06

yeah - tosh i think. They would have kept up the contact if they really thought that. Maybe they didn't read description properly then after complaining read it and realised!!

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