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'good used condition' should I send it back or just accept it as a rag?

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sat 22-Aug-09 08:17:53

I bought a Next top for DD from ebay. I paid £0.99 plus £1.50 postage.

It had one picture which showed it to be a cream with soft brown flower patterns all over it, with no marks, dirt, or faded bits. It was described as 'good used condition'. And no mention of marks, faded bits, dirt.

It has arrived, and the colour is a faded pink with faded brown flowers all over it. It has clearly been 'loved' and by the neckline there is a faded mark where it looks like it has been scrubbed to get rid of dirt/stain and so it is whiter.

DH says it is a rag! I am not happy with it.

BUT, it was not described as immaculate, and it was cheap. Shall I just leave it or try to get my money back. For £3.50 I could get something else.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sat 22-Aug-09 08:19:29

Actually, I just looked £2.00 postage. Not sure what I was thinking as won't usually pay that much postage on a small item. But I liked it, and I shall blame the pregnancy hormones!

horsemadgal Sat 22-Aug-09 16:29:11

Probably not worth it to send it back for refund by the time you pay the postage back (and would have to be recorded for paypal).

You could go down the 'it never arrived' route if they didn't send it recorded and you haven't told them you got it yet, but ssshhhhh I never said that! wink

missmelly Sun 23-Aug-09 19:04:43

you win some and you lose some.. I'd just suck it up. Next time you might win something fab that was worth so much more than what you pay

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