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'Name marked' coat - should I ebay it or not?

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Piffpaffpoff Thu 20-Aug-09 14:36:30

The title says it all really - I have last year's winter coat that I wrote my ds's name on in pen on the label. Should I say in my ad that it has a name written on it or should I just not sell it? I'm quite new to ebay so I'm not sure what to do!

Watching with interest, as I am wondering the same thingsmile.

EldonAve Thu 20-Aug-09 14:40:14

Just cross out the name and then say that there is a mark on the label where it was named

Curiousmama Thu 20-Aug-09 14:40:41

Ebay it

Bert2e Thu 20-Aug-09 14:40:45

Cut the label off?
Scribble over the name with a black marker?

Piffpaffpoff Thu 20-Aug-09 14:48:30

Thanks everyone - the label a big square one that is fully sewn in to the back of the coat so I can't cut it off unfortunately. I think I will just marker pen over the name and point it out in the ad that I've done that. If it sells it sells and if not, it just serves me right for being too lazy to sew in a name label when he started wearing that coat!

Carrotfly Thu 20-Aug-09 23:14:29

Actually as someone who once bought a coat off ebay which had exactly this issue I would say you have to mention it in the listing.

I would have placed a much lower bid accordingly.

I said as much to the seller and she refunded me a couple of pounds as I guess she wanted to keep me happy.

Curiousmama Fri 21-Aug-09 13:33:39

What about sticking a label over it?

Good luck!

Loulou73 Fri 21-Aug-09 13:37:31

I've just sold dd's PE trainers and stated on the listing that they had initial and surname in biro on the underneath of the tongue.

I got what I wanted for them and the buyer was aware.

I have done this for the last couple of years.

leenasmom Tue 25-Aug-09 19:30:36

Have bought items with name on label wasnt mentioned in the listing but then it was a used school coat so I guess it was assumed that that is accepted...didnt bother me but iswym.When I sell items I always mention has name printed on label.

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