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should I wait?

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mel1981 Mon 17-Aug-09 21:49:16

Buyer email to say they hadnt received an item. He lives in germany but asked to post to wales after debating (&posting on here) i did as item was 99p (P&P was £2.40 though) and he has no -FB in last 6 mths and only 1 before that.
Typically he hasnt got it & I cant find the receipt!! It was sent 2nd class 10 days ago should I wait a bit longer to see if it turns up? has there been postal strikes? Will keep searching for the receipt too.
Also do you refund for items not turned up? Obviously cause it wasnt sent to his address im not covered by ebay/pay pal. angry

sixlostmonkeys Tue 18-Aug-09 07:43:45

yes, there was a postal strike which will have caused a backlog.
reply to the buyer along the lines of - so sorry to hear your item hasn't arrived yet. Your item may have got caught up in the backlog at the sorting office so it may be wise to contact the local sorting office to see if they have it for you. This often proves successful as even during normal postal times the postie doesn't leave a card. Could you also check with the neighbours incase it has been delivered to the wrong address by mistake. I shall also be attempting to track your parcel but please let me know what you find out from that side. Regards ....

if it doesn't turn up then yes, you need to refund the full amount and if you find your receipt you can claim from the Royal mail

mel1981 Thu 20-Aug-09 23:06:02

Thanks six- replied to him. royal mail site says to wait 15 days before you claim and that will be tommorrow so will check with him again tommorrow. Found the receipt too YAY! Fingers crossed he got it.

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