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Stuck with this one - I sold something on 7th aug there and ....

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mumofdjandbabies Wed 12-Aug-09 19:40:00

the buyer has been in touch saying they cant pay at the moment but they will at some point....

I cant wait indefinately... I explained I couldnt wait indefinately (past the 7 days ebay say? atleast I think its 7 days)

What can I do here? I dont really want to get a neg over it butc would like to relist it as soon as I can ideally.

How does it work from this point in? thanks

YanknCock Wed 12-Aug-09 19:45:27

Did you say anything in your listing about how soon you expected payment?

In that situation, I'd write a nice message saying that if they cannot pay within 7 days, you would prefer to cancel the transaction now. If they don't do anything and don't pay within 7 days, you can open a dispute, and then once the case has been open 8 days (IIRC) you can close and give them an unpaid item strike. You would then get back your final value fee and be able to relist.

Personally I think it's very bad form for someone to bid on something they can't pay for, and I don't tend to have much sympathy!

mumofdjandbabies Wed 12-Aug-09 19:49:23

ah so 7 days then 8 days so I can relist for 15 days from them winning shock

no i never said a time period for payment

lljkk Wed 12-Aug-09 20:04:46

August is a terrible time to sell most things anyway (not many buyers so prices tend to be reduced from potential max). I would negotiate generous terms about when to pay by, like within 3 weeks, and then say you'll have to relist.

Unless it's one of the few things that gets the best prices in August, like School stuff?

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