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best way to work out postage?

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Stefka Wed 12-Aug-09 08:51:59

I would like to try and sell some clothes on ebay. What is the best way to work out the postage if items? Also what is the best way to price stuff - do you look on the site to see what price other similar items are? New to all this!

notcitrus Wed 12-Aug-09 09:00:36

Weigh it, and use Royal Mail's Postage Finder for 2nd class, adding weight of a big envelope and ziploc bag (or you can buy plastic envelopes that are lighter). Add 30p or so for cost of packaging. If in a hurry, just charge the same as everyone else selling similar stuff, but you might get stung!

Look at Completed Listings to see if your items have a chance of selling. If it's not a brand name people know and can search on, it may well not sell. Baby clothes don't sell unless stunning, designer brands, or in bundles. Posh frocks worn once or twice may do well.

I sell heaps of baby clothes on e-bay, I make sure everything is washed and ironed and take really nice pictures in good outdoor light.

I find this makes a huge difference, I still don't always make that much per item, but it all adds up, a lot of the time e-bay is alot of effort for a small return, we don't have much cash so it is my 'pocket money' to buy frivolous stuff, so I find it worthwhile and I enjoy it too tbh.

For clothes you really need to start stuff at 99p or less, and accept that quite a bit will sell at that price. If you can't bear to let it go for less then start it at a higher price, but it does seem to put lots of people off. I think people bid on it thinking 'bargain' and then get determined to have their 'bargain' despite the fact the price is getting higher and higher iyswim.

Don't put anything worth any money on until you have a good feedback score as people won't pay as much from someone who hasn't sold much.

Clothes don't often sell well out of season, so now is the time to be listing autumn/winter stuff, save any summery bits until next year.

Oh and it is realy quiet atm as lots of people are on holiday, wait until September to start and use this time to photograph weigh and catalogue everything.


Stefka Wed 12-Aug-09 09:49:21

Thanks, that does help. It's not much, just a few items of mine that I don't wear anymore. A couple of nice dresses that I don't get to use because my DH never takes me out these days! Maybe I should keep the dresses and put him on ebay instead!

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