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PeachyLaPeche Fri 07-Aug-09 20:01:56

Dh ahs an ebay shop

sold an item to chap which chap says turned up broken, fair enough sounds like postal damage so we are replacing and claiming from RM Recorded.

We send recorded and would cover cost even though RM won't refund and it actually means we make a small loss on item.

Chap sent using special delivery at almost double the cost, and wants that refunded.

We have said we will refund (and have done that) the cost of recorded and then the balance as a goodwill gesture on completion of transactio0n including feedback (so unit returned, replacement acknowledged safe etc)

We have 100% feedback and don't want to jeopardise but feel this chap is actually punishing us as he bought when we had signs all over shop stating no despatch until X date as we were away then he 3wanted next day (we did email him from holiday site to say delay and would he prefer a refund)

We'll cover it this time but if it happens again (we've had funny stuff falrely- such as poeple buying then altering teh postage cost, for which we charge actual cost, in paypal and knocking a good few quid off (about 20&)) do we actually have to? As long as we pay recorded obv.

Mousey84 Fri 07-Aug-09 21:00:12

I would evaluate your returns policy - eg "No returns. All items will be packaged securely, however, if item arrives damaged in transit we will seek compensation from the carrier and pass the refund onto you. Please use recorded delivery to return the item."

As far as I know, generally, something that is damaged in transit is still the property of the seller.

Im not sure how people change the postage cost. If they do, I would immediately advise them that they have not paid the full amount. If it is enough to cover a slower delivery method,I would be tempted to advise them that it will be sent via that method, unless the full postage amount is paid. You would need to check your legal position though. Or maybe if the postage is altered by the buyer, and they do not agress to pay the rest, just get in contact with the resolution center to check your position on it.

PeachyLaPeche Sat 08-Aug-09 15:37:20

They amended the amount in paypal, Dh held onto the unit untilmoney was received but it took 3 weeks.

Thanks, some food for thought there

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