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Cancelling a transaction in ebay- sooo blardy confusing!

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Thandeka Sat 01-Aug-09 10:44:13

So buyer and I agreed to cancel and I sent him the form thingy- but no response for ages (getting a bit panicked as didn't want to pay £20 listing fees etc) so I sent him friendly email to persuade him- also english not his first language and I am a novice seller (very good at buying though!) so lots of confusion all round.

Anyhow today I discover on the cancel transaction form that I sent last week there was a space for me to put in a message to seller- so I thought I would try that and within 5 mins he had agreed and cancelled the tranaction. So I suspect the case thing I had opened that said all week "awaiting response from buyer" hadn't got to him. Oh hang on crap maybe it said "awaiting response from seller" oh balls so I am just officially crap at ebay.

Nargh why is it so confusing and why doesn't it spell out what you need to do!

I would have been lost without this forums help I tell you! Thandeka slinks off in shame lesson learnt!

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