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if buyer wanted me to cancel bid which i did then he doesn't "accept" it in email - am I still liable for all the fees?

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Thandeka Thu 30-Jul-09 18:25:04

Buyer thought he would come to London from Leicester (hadn't clicked local sellers!) and pick up a cross trainer in his car despite me saying would only fit in a van. (see whole other thread about his general dodginess)
So we mutally agreed to cancel the transaction. I sent the emaily thing through on sunday/mon and so far he hasnt accepted it (have a few days left before the 7 days expires) I have emailed him again to say if he doesn't want to be liable for the cost of the item and picking it up he does need to accept the cancellation but no response.

So what happens if he doesn't accept the cancellation in the timeframe?

caykon Thu 30-Jul-09 18:33:34

You will need to report him as a non paying bidder to get your fees back, unless he agrees to accept the cancellation.

surreylady Thu 30-Jul-09 19:38:27

I think that once you have filed the mutually agreed that you will only get free relisting and final fee creditif he agrees and unpaid would only give him a strike at best - sorry but I am pretty sure it is the latest rule

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