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Help: Paypal have contacted me as £1200 has gone into my account- scam?

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Thandeka Tue 28-Jul-09 19:43:53

So I sold a crosstrainer on ebay (see other thread about possible scam- am suspicious of buyer) and was expecting £150 cash on collection. Buyer has contacted me once about the invoice I sent but thats it (I probably didnt need to bother with invoice since it was cash on collection)

Anyhow today I recieve an email saying £1200 has gone into my paypal account and they will be contacting me as per their money laundering regulations. Now I am not expecting any money in my paypal account but suspect someone is trying to scam me with the old pay too much but I then refund only to end up skint somehow. Is that right/possible on Paypal?

Is this a scam? (paypal wont tell me yet if payer is same payer as ebay buyer- I will phone them)

Any tips on how to protect myself?


Thandeka Tue 28-Jul-09 20:01:52

Hang on no that seems to be a mistake- seems my transactions have reached a critical limit- see other thread for better explanation!

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