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oh god SOMEONE buy the boden silver belt on ebay please

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AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:46:52

i placed a bid wondering how high automatic bid were going and i am LEFT there as th potential winner...

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:47:17

adn i already have one.
But was going to get it for my Mum.

CybilLiberty Sun 19-Jul-09 18:47:52

£31!!! Are you nuts? I bet it smells of smoke when it arrives

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:48:35

oh dont! i know
i wasnt really thinking, was sure I would be outbid,
It is a vairy posh belt though

CybilLiberty Sun 19-Jul-09 18:49:30

I would hope it's solid silver for that price

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:49:50

you need one

CybilLiberty Sun 19-Jul-09 18:50:56

Oh darling I wish I had £31 to waste on a belt. But I suspect I would need a large.

I can just imagine you and your Mum swishing round town with your matching belts on.

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:51:21

oh no DONT
you are saying all the wrong things.

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:53:15

buy it buy it

CybilLiberty Sun 19-Jul-09 18:53:25

You've only got 3 hours of torment left. Someone will prob snipe you at the end

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:53:40

buy it buy it

CybilLiberty Sun 19-Jul-09 18:54:32

look she's got a silver one arf arf

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:55:05

oh NO NO NO!

who ...ARE you?

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:55:22

... I think she has Mum's on too

CybilLiberty Sun 19-Jul-09 18:57:00

Tis me, Mrsmaidamess. Got fed up with the name. Too many MrsM's around these parts. I like being Cybil, she's feisty.

Ponders Sun 19-Jul-09 18:57:30

Is it Fabio?

Ponders Sun 19-Jul-09 18:57:57

Oh - not Fabio blush

(how is Fabio btw?)

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 18:57:59

oh god please buy it

CybilLiberty Sun 19-Jul-09 18:59:14

There's nothing worse than to see a grown woman beg

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 19:00:06

I havent seen him on hear for a while tbh. He has been on a three day mini break and had cancer for a weekhmm

dizzymare Sun 19-Jul-09 19:01:07

£31 for a belt, are you completely mad grin

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 19:02:34

i am misguided.
please bid guys

CybilLiberty Sun 19-Jul-09 19:03:56

Look at it this way, if you *do get* it, you can always sell it on ebay.

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 19:04:20

well yes

thanks for the FIRST useful thing you have said!

AgentCodyBanks Sun 19-Jul-09 19:04:53


am outa the woods

who is bidder 7?

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