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paying a seller

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ilovesprouts Sun 19-Jul-09 09:43:22

i won an item off ebay,do u pay asap or have you got 7 days to pay for it !!!

KEAWYED Sun 19-Jul-09 09:45:44

I always pay asap. Think you do have a few days, mostly the sellers specify they want paying within a certain amount of time.

Not sure what the cut-off limit is.

ilovesprouts Sun 19-Jul-09 09:52:31

i only won it 4 days ago and i pay for my ebay stuff on thurs/sun

Pingpong Sun 19-Jul-09 15:27:45

most sellers appreciate it if you pay straight away and will post out your item ASAP but according to the rules you do have 7 days to pay (before the seller can open a dispute)

sixlostmonkeys Sun 19-Jul-09 15:32:57

It's always best to pay straight away; there isn't any reason why a buyer wouldn't, especially on a BIN. If an auction then it's possible the buyer bid before the auction end and is away from the computer when it ends. Most people get on the computer daily though, especially if they have ongoing transactions taking place so it is understandable if a seller sends a reminder after a couple of days.
If a buyer knows they can't pay for a number of days it is best to contact the seller prior to bidding to ask if a late payment is acceptable. taking it for granted can be asking for trouble.
A seller may time their auction ends to (for example) give them plenty of time to dispatch prior to going away or just generally take a break. having an outstanding transaction can be annoying.
A buyer does have 7 days to pay, it's true. After the 7 days a seller can open a dispute. Many sellers automatically block any buyers who reach this phase.

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