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Problem with PS3 bought 2 weeks ago

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MumHadEnough Sat 18-Jul-09 21:44:13

Hi all,

Just after some advice. I bought a second hand ps3 on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. Its not new, is one of the original 60gb ones so quite hard to come by and they hold their value really well. I paid £215 for it including postage.

I bought it on 7th July it was delivered around the 10th. I gave it to ds today as a birthday present. He is overjoyed, but its constantly crashing. sad.

I've contacted the seller, but if he refuses to do anything about it is there anything I can do. I paid via paypal, but was unsure if because I've had it for 10 days if they would honour a dispute for it being faulty?

Thanks in advance all!

SparklyGothKat Sat 18-Jul-09 21:48:21


MumHadEnough Sat 18-Jul-09 21:49:43

Oh no, have just noticed they have sold another PS3 thats listed as faulty for spares/repairs. It makes me suspect that they had that one to try and repair mine sad and have sold it on.

cookielove Sat 18-Jul-09 21:51:28

did u get the old reciept with it? If you did and it is within the manafactures warrenty you can send it off to be repaired

Did the sellar declare that it was faulty before you bought it. If they didn't then they sold it to you against ebay rules, and you have a good chance of getting ebay to do something about it. Def complain to ebay.

Tortoise Sat 18-Jul-09 21:53:44

What do you mean by crashing? smile It maybe fixable.

MumHadEnough Sat 18-Jul-09 21:53:53

Do you think they would honour it Sparkly when I've had it for 2 weeks? Actually there's a bit of confusion over the dates. The listing says it ended on 28th June and I'm sure I paid that night, but it says on Ebay I paid on 10th July. So worst case scenario, I've had it three weeks

MumHadEnough Sat 18-Jul-09 21:56:36

No there was nothing, it said it was in "mint condition". Its a couple of years old I imagine, but we deliberatly wanted this version as it's backwards compatible and plays ps2 games (the new ones don't do that).

By crashing I mean its hanging in the middle of a game, sometimes it doesn't switch on probably and hangs whilst booting up. I'm at my bloody wits end. angry. Poor ds, this was his birthday present.

I'll wait and see if the seller responds quickly, if not I'll open a paypal dispute.

With hindsight, I should have been a bit wary as the seller emailed me three times asking me to leave feedback. I responded that i would leave it when I'd tested it, which I did. But I really only played it for 5 minutes and it seemed to be working fine sad.

SparklyGothKat Sat 18-Jul-09 21:57:05

you have 45 days to dispute

MumHadEnough Sat 18-Jul-09 21:57:14

Switch on properly not probably! hmm

MumHadEnough Sat 18-Jul-09 21:57:39

Thanks sparkly, I thought that was the case.

SparklyGothKat Sat 18-Jul-09 21:59:06

I bet the payment was being held until you left feedback.

MumHadEnough Sat 18-Jul-09 22:00:56

Shiiiittttt, thats exactly whats happened Sparkly! sad

Tortoise Sat 18-Jul-09 22:01:24

My brother said 'It sounds like a mother board problem. Common fault with the first ones that came out and Sony were repairing them for free. Maybe worth contacting them to see if they are still offering to do that'.

MumHadEnough Sat 18-Jul-09 22:03:11

Thanks Tortoise. Not good but something to keep in mind if seller doesn't respond to my liking!

SparklyGothKat Sat 18-Jul-09 22:05:12

\I have heard that Ps3 and Xboxes don't like to be moved too, so being posted, thrown about etc, might have done something to it

MumHadEnough Sat 18-Jul-09 22:06:54

sad I wish I'd given it a more thorough test when I'd bought it. Will raise a dispute anyway as I doubt I will hear back from the seller favourably.

MumHadEnough Mon 20-Jul-09 12:18:28

How long do you think is reasonable to give them to respond before opening a dispute? After I sent that message on Saturday night, I realised that they have previously bought and sold faulty ps3's on Ebay.

I sent another message yesterday telling them I'd noticed this and basically asked if they'd did a repair to this as it looks as if it has a faulty motherboard. Needless to say, no response. It's still early but to be honest I don't think they are going to respond.

If I raise a dispute tonight do you think thats a bit cheeky?

MumHadEnough Wed 22-Jul-09 14:34:30

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to update this. I raised a dispute with Ebay on Monday night and got a reply today.

I am in total shock! They said the money will be refunded back into my Paypal account within 3 days and not to bother sending the PS3 back as obviously that will cost me postage! shock

I mean wtf, how can they do this? Obviously its amazing for me but I'm just stunned. I assume they will pursue the seller. Mightily confused, but happy of course!

Way to go Ebay! grin

idunnop Wed 22-Jul-09 17:13:02

great news! exactly who was the message from though - ebay, paypal or the seller?

Buda Wed 22-Jul-09 17:16:19

Wow. Great result.

I clicked on this as DS wants a PS3 too and we also want the backwards compatible version.

TitsalinaBumsquash Wed 22-Jul-09 17:22:57

Since you still have teh PS3 DP who is a console genius says if you want it fixed try console doctor they apparently fix them fairly cheaply and have a good reputation.

MumHadEnough Wed 22-Jul-09 22:59:46

Wow thanks TBS! Some of the geeks I work with said it might actually only be a firmware problem.

The message came from Ebay themselves. I still don't understand how they can do this. I don't know if perhaps I'm covered by some kind of insurance or something because I've did lots and lots of trading on Ebay.

The only time I had to raise a dispute before there was a lot of correspondence between myself, paypal and the seller, so this is completely different to what I've had before.

I still don't get it! hmm

idunnop Thu 23-Jul-09 02:03:34

I don't get it either, which is why I asked! Oh well, great outcome so who cares grin

Let us know when the money actually comes through - and I wonder if you'll hear from the seller again, or what they make of all this....??

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