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remind me again - why do people watch BIN/Best Offer auctions???

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FAQinglovely Sat 11-Jul-09 18:54:18

what exactly is the purpose of it.

I mean - if someone else comes along and puts a reasonable offer in on my under counter fridge and freezer set this evening I'll accept it - I'm not going to hang around for another 4 days for the listing to finish......)

There's nothing else comparable to them (that I can see) currently listed - so either buy it or bugger off grin

MaDuggar Sat 11-Jul-09 19:36:19

maybe they are waiting to see what yours goes for, because they want to sell one similar

maybe they put it in watched items, to show their partner later on (I often do this!)

maybe they dont have enough funds right now, but are watching in case they can afford it before the end time

maybe they are waiting for you to relist at a lower price if it goes unsold just now

maybe they are just weird grin

pebbles79 Sat 11-Jul-09 21:55:59

Maybe they're bidding on something or about to bid on something and if it goes beyond your BIN price then they'll buy yours.

FAQinglovely Sat 11-Jul-09 22:33:49

yes but I can't find any others on there LOL - not for a fridge and freezer set together grin

oh well - I still have one watcher

NormaSknockers Sun 12-Jul-09 10:18:57

Irritates me too lol! I've got 8 things on eBay, 7 of them have at least 2 watchers each & every item is on BIN hmm grin

FAQinglovely Sun 12-Jul-09 20:31:43

well actually - I have an offer now - it's at £250 which is my lowest price I'd like to go to - but it's still only been on for just over 24hrs - 4 days left, and 3 watchers - so I'm just going to be patient with the current offer and see what else happens before jumping in and snapping up £250 grin

NormaSknockers Sun 12-Jul-09 20:56:52

Counter offer maybe?

PortAndLemon Sun 12-Jul-09 20:57:45

I watch BIN items if (a) I'm watching a number of similar items, some BIN and some not, and want to get a feel for the going rate, or (b) I'm tempted by / interested in the item but haven't persuaded myself to buy it yet (if it were something like a fridge-freezer, that would also cover "interested in it but need to discuss with DH first"

FAQinglovely Sun 12-Jul-09 20:59:17

how does the counter offer work? I've never sold anything for "best offer" before grin.

If I counter offer and they reject it can I still accept their current offer (presuming I get no more other offers?)

Eddas Sun 12-Jul-09 21:13:20

I sometimes watch them for research as I have one and want to be nosey and see how much they go forgrin or I'm thinking of buying one but not sure so I'll watch it to see how much it sells for.

and Yes I am aware there's a search facility but sometimes it's easier to watch the itemgrin

Carrotfly Mon 13-Jul-09 08:47:53

I often watch them too.

Its allowed isn't it ??

FAQinglovely Mon 13-Jul-09 08:49:05

yes it's allowed - but it's frustrating for me grin.

I have put a counter offer in......waiting to hear back from him (presume it's a "him" lol) - 5 watchers now.

Need the space, need the money grin

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