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Problems claiming payment as email address is wrong on listing - now what?

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Daffodilly Wed 08-Jul-09 22:01:46

I sold an item in Ebay and can see that the buyer has initiated payment via PayPal - but the payment has not been received in my PayPal account - I suspect it is linked to the wrong email address, but I do not understand how this has occurred. The email address was pre-filled on the selling form when I set up the item and I checked it was correct (as same thing has happened once before).

If I go back to the item form and click on the link: "Sell a similar item" at the top of the page - the wrong email address is listed, (one extra letter added to make it wrong).

If I click on: "Sell one like this" at the bottom of the page - the CORRECT email address is displayed.

I don't understand why it has 2 email addresses? Or where it is getting this incorrect one from?

Grrr - anyone had this happen? Any advice on how I can contact a real live human being at Ebay to sort it out? Help! I am fed up of going round in circles on their web help.

aristocat Thu 09-Jul-09 11:00:11

this has happened to me recently and i was the buyer.

i noticed email address was incorrect and the paypal was pending,suggested seller check his email address[ which was wrong].
i cancelled my payment, he sent me a new request to pay. did that - went through fine.

BTW i have seen a phone number for them on here before but dont know it, have you searched old threads?

good lucksmile

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