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Missing Items

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Kayzr Tue 07-Jul-09 11:09:00

I bought an Ipod Touch on Ebay on Friday. It was advertised with Ipod, usb cable, headphones, original box and user guide.

I recieved it today and I only got the ipod and usb cable.

I sent the seller this message:

I have recieved my Ipod touch. Thank you for the quickness of delivery. I am very happy with the condition it is in. But I have not recieved the headphones, quick start guide or the original box. I am not bothered about the headphones or the box but the quick start guide would be apprieciated. Thank You

Is that ok? Will they make me send it back or do you think they will just send me the user guide?


idunnop Tue 07-Jul-09 11:19:33

I reckon they'll just send you the user guide. If they admit now that they don't have it, you could ask for a partial refund to cover the missing items.

However you can always download the user guide online too: see here

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