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Bugaboo postage costs

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Charliepw Mon 06-Jul-09 21:48:27

I used to buy (a lot) and sell (a little) on ebay but haven't sold much on ebay in the last 1-2 years really.

I now want to sell our much loved Bug Cam, money is tight and little one is nearly 3 so she can now use her legs for goodness sake.

I've been searching through completed listings to get an idea of what people do but, most seem to be collection only, noone is delivering, is this now the norm?

And if not then who would you post via, and how much would it/you charge?
I actually have no idea how heavy the Bug Cam would be all wrapped up in it's little box.

Any help much appreciated.

£10.99 - - they do it via Parcelforce and it's fully trackable online.

I sent my Frog with them just fine I just entered it as 25kg knowing it's much less than that really, they don't need box dimensions.

Also try selling it on the Pushchair board here, no Ebay fees ;)

and also new rules on EBay mean that if you have below a certain level of feedback/stars then they will withold your cash for upto 21 days shock

Charliepw Mon 06-Jul-09 21:57:45

no way, they hold the cash!
i've got 83 feedbacks and a blue star.
it's all good though, no bad feedback.
am i below a certain level?

Thank you for the senditnow link.
just what i wanted.


I had almost 100 fb but hadn't sold anything in 18mnths and since the stars came in and when I sold mine they held it until buyer had left posi feedback, then took them another 3 days to release it.

If the buyer doesn't leave feedback they hold it for 21 days.

If there's a dispute they keep it held till dispute is resolved.

It's a fucker hmm

CarGirl Mon 06-Jul-09 22:03:04

I would charge around £18 for postage because I would pay the extra for insurance - and it's an incentive for to come collect and pay cash.

After ebay & paypal fees you can deduct 15% from your final selling price. Worth trying to sell it here first!

idunnop Tue 07-Jul-09 02:02:24 is a lot cheaper than ParcelForce and is still fully trackable (they use DHL). Definitely worth weighing it and adding courier costs to your listing as you will get more interest and a better price. It costs about £8 per item up to 25kg.

PrammyMammy Wed 08-Jul-09 19:36:05

I use parcel2go also, I sent a quinny buzz last week, it was £10.29 or something using the 48 hours one.

But like cargirl says, you lose a lot with the fees and everything and people are always looking for bugs on here

SparklyGothKat Wed 08-Jul-09 19:50:27

I charge £25 as Parcelforce charge that with the insurance upto £500. I wold send it DHL but they only cover up to £50

Charliepw Fri 10-Jul-09 20:09:13

Thank you for all your messages.
Does anyone know how much a boxed up Bugaboo Cam would weigh?
my bathroom scales are not going to help very much.

Although i do think selling on here first is probably best, cos i think i've already paid the fee.
I think... have to check.

idunnop Sat 11-Jul-09 10:08:15

It'll certainly be less than 25kg. DH weighs himself on bathroom scales, then weighs himself again holding whatever it is and then subtracts one from the other. We've managed that even with huge pram boxes etc.

SparklyGothKat has a good point about the insurance. DHL (via the parcel2go website) only provide £50 insurance for free but have the option of adding extra insurance - I've never bothered but assume it would still work out cheaper than Parcelforce. Having said that, on a high value item like a Bugaboo buyers probably don't care that much if postage is £10 or £25.

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