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Anyone having problems with ebay tonight

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stoppinattwo Sat 04-Jul-09 21:25:23

am trying to list some items and it keeps sending me to my login...

im not getting a user or pass word error it just keeps coming back to enter password


SNOWBall4girlz Sat 04-Jul-09 21:38:40

very annoying

just relisted some stuff with no problem do you use turbo lister?

waves at stoppin

stoppinattwo Sat 04-Jul-09 21:46:40 i was just using listing as i always do

<<waves>> smile am not amused have spent sges photographing stuff

Pingpong Sat 04-Jul-09 22:59:41

it's to do with cookies! I had this problem back in January and I was so cross as I had loads to list and I couldn't log on when I wanted to list but could log on to view.
I tried on my husbands PC and it was fine so I realised it was a problem with my laptop. I emailed ebay and they suggested clearing my cookies and it worked.
I changed my password about 4 times and was pulling my hair out!

SNOWBall4girlz Sat 04-Jul-09 23:01:22

me neither all that effort and .......
going to ty and sell a few things on here

all dd4 stuff not havin anymore

is there a current meet up thread?
need to pop on it and say hi to everyone

Pingpong Sat 04-Jul-09 23:03:43

the cookie thing is mentioned right at the bottom of this help page

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