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Fuming! Buyer has returned item.........................

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weepootle Wed 01-Jul-09 20:57:01

a Cath Kidston for Tesco bag BNWT.

She emailed to say that what she received was not the item she bid on- completely different pattern and that she's returned it in the post expecting a full refund as well as her postage refunded. angry

Now the bag she bid on is the classic floral and I don't see how it can be mistaken for any of the other designs here.

I've emailed her back explaining that it is the same bag as I took the picture of it and it's the only one I have. I also gave her the link showing all designs sold asking her which one she thought she was bidding on hmm.

She made a point of saying she hasn't left feedback yet (basically threatening me) - I really don't want my lovely 100% feedback compromised but at the same time I do not see why I should refund her as I've done nothing wrong and as I didn't state a returns policy she shouldn't have sent it back without contacting me first. angryangryangry

Any advice??

weepootle Wed 01-Jul-09 21:07:39

She has now emailed back to say that in the photo the bag looks blue and she bought it to go with a blue dress.

The bag is a stone colour and has blue flowers on it.

Why didn't she just email me whilst listing was active and ask me to confirm the colour? I didn't put the colour on the listing as I thought it was quite obvious from the photo.

What do I do?

thisisyesterday Wed 01-Jul-09 21:11:41

see this is exactly why this new feedback thing really sucks.
am cross on your behalf!!!

i would e-mail her saying that it stated very clearly what bag it was, and she should have checked with you if she wasn;t sure.

point out that you did not state a returns policy.

then offer her the money back but NOT the postage costs.

tbh if she leaves negative then so be it, it isn't hte end of the world, although it is sucky. you will be able to comment on any feedback she leaves and people will be able to see that she was unreasonable

weepootle Wed 01-Jul-09 21:30:01

Lol, don't get too mad thisisyesterday!

I've already emailed her with what you said, except for the offer of a refund. I just asked what she expects me to do next having explained that I haven't done anything wrong.

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