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Help, have had several similar offers for something - how do I handle it best?

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Jumente Tue 30-Jun-09 07:48:51

I took the thing off ebay last week because several people wnated to come and see it before bidding and it's advertised elsewhere.

I've got a lot of offers - someone who really wants it but can't really afford the price I want to get, someone else who seems well off and has offered me nearly my asking price, and someone else who is very keen and has offered me the same as him.

I'd like to say 'I've had this offer from someone else so can you up yours at all?' but don't know who to say that to, and don't want to seem greedy. Any tips at this juncture please? I could always put it back on ebay with a reserve I suppose.


Honorius Tue 30-Jun-09 10:45:12

Why don't you (a) say they can have it for the full asking price - you'll just have to decide which person (or people) you make this offer to - or (b) tell them all you're putting it back on ebay now they've had a chance to come and see it, and let them bid for it (might get more that way). Doesn't sound as if you necessarily need a reserve if you've got lots of interest.

Jumente Tue 30-Jun-09 11:11:21

Thankyou - sorry to post and run like that.

I'm too scared to risk no reserve, as it might go for way less if people forget to bid etc. But I have had another email from the family offering me £20 more, as I just explained I'd got to choose between two offers and felt v awkward!

Ho hum. Will see if anything else happens today and then let them have it - it's not a great deal less than I wanted.

Thanks for your help x

Jumente Tue 30-Jun-09 11:20:07

Oh bum - the other bloke has just raised his offer, but not by much so I think I might tell him it's gone!

Honorius Wed 01-Jul-09 11:21:02

why don't you just give each of them a chance to give their 'best and final offer' by the end of the day, then sell it to the highest?

Jumente Wed 01-Jul-09 11:37:06

See I think I needed you Honorius, as my business consultant smile

I have agreed to sell it to the lady whose offer he beat, as he was pretty arrogant - 'then I'll offer you £10 more, when can I pick it up' hmm

and she was very nice and friendly.
She is very pleased and I am happy with the price.

In hindsight I could have handled it better, but next time I will know what to say - thankyou!

Honorius Wed 01-Jul-09 12:37:28

sounds like you've sold it to the most deserving bidder, which probably feels better than the extra tenner anyway!

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