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Is ebay a pile of shite?

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tiredsville Fri 26-Jun-09 16:37:36

Do these bargins actually exist? I only started buying a couple of weeks ago and so far I have recieved a fake pair of Lacoste trainers, an exhausted looking polo shirt, another shirt which stated 'item new' but arrived looking like it had been clearly washed a couple of times.
So does 'excellent'condition mean 'a bit rough looking, but great for the bin?'
Feeling really angry

Meglet Fri 26-Jun-09 16:43:30

I don't buy on there as I don't trust a soul. I do sell, but only items that really are pristine or in demand and even then I take close up photos of any flaws, package well and post straight away. Some of the buyers I've had are right numptys. Think about 50% of e-bayers are polite, sensible people and the other 50% are chavvy rip of merchants.

PerfectPrefect Fri 26-Jun-09 16:45:26

I would say that about 10-20% of what I buy is not of the quality I was expecting from the description. The sorts of things I buy are clothes (mostly childrens jeans), Games console games, DP has bought a lot of gear for his new football club - most of which has been an absolute bargain for what he has got.

Sounds like you have had a rough deal though. I think that if you have just started you need to learn what the value of what you are buying (without seeing) is. At the end of the day you are controlling the price IYSWIM. When you get a bit more experienced you have a better grasp of the expected value IYSWIM.

Fimbo Fri 26-Jun-09 16:47:31

I only buy now if I am really desperate for something.

I bought an Iphone holder this week for £7 with free postage, normal retail price is around £24. I can't make up my mind if it is fake or not, it smells of leather and the apple is there, the only tiny thing I can find is that the "stalk" of the apple is not quite as pointy as it is on my phone or mac.

blueshoes Fri 26-Jun-09 17:06:30

Excellent condition should mean just that.

Do you check their feedback? Should be a decent number eg more than 20 and 100% positive for sales (but buying). If not 100% positive, I will look at the total amount of feedback. Obviously, if you sell 1000s, there are bound to be a few nutters. But if you sell only 20, then even 1 is suspect. You can look at the negative feedback to see what it says and whether the seller replied politely and reasonably.

Also, if the photo is a bit rubbish and the description full of spelling mistakes, it shows someone who does not really care. I look for nice photos, neat and plausible descriptions. If they describe (acceptable) defects, that is also a good sign because you know nothing worse is lurking.

oliverboliverbutt Fri 26-Jun-09 17:11:03

it really has turned into shit.
I don't sell on there anymore because it is a small sellers nightmare. I can still find the odd deal, but don't buy much anymore.

crokky Fri 26-Jun-09 17:16:54

You just have to be really careful what you buy.

Check feedback before buying - not just the number and percentage, but check what people have actually written in the comments.

Look at photos really carefully, email questions if necessary.

There are some great bargains to be had on eBay and it can be great for getting rid of stuff you are finished with but is still in good condition.

However there are still lots of nasty lying sellers and buyers so you just have to be really careful.

Particularly regarding your fake trainers - fake stuff is not allowed on eBay (even if you say explicitly that it is fake). Often when you see fake goods for sale, there will be clues in the listing that it might be fake - some buyers actually want to buy fake items so the sellers are writing clues in the listings so as not to get in trouble with eBay. Read everything really carefully.

Anyway, I'm really fed up with eBay at the moment. I had over 1000 all postive feedbacks, am always honest and communicate immediately and I enountered a nutter who spoilt my feedback.

tiredsville Fri 26-Jun-09 17:17:53

Yes, I look at the feedback but I have learnt that 100% means nothing. One seller said they would refund me a quarter of the price providing I leave positive feedback first. I told her where to go.

pickyvic Fri 26-Jun-09 19:08:33

i think ebay once upon a time was a great place to grab the odd bargain but now its just like a shop - i wanted a dvd the other day - i looked on ebay and it was cheaper to get it from amazon!

mrsmerryweather Thu 02-Jul-09 10:38:16

well, I like it.

I must have made about £100 this year from selling bits and pieces of clothes that would normally have ended up at charity shops.

I never buy from "shops" on ebay, only from private sellers with good feedback.

I only really buy clothes, books and CDs.

I am very wary of what I buy and always read between the lines...if it says good or excellent condition, then it has to be, or you can demand a refund.

My best pal's DH is a director of Ebay/Paypal, so I know they really do try to get it right and will take any complaints seriously.

insertwittynicknameHERE Thu 02-Jul-09 10:45:52

I like ebay, I am new to it though.

DH and I have made nearly £500.00 within about 3 months just selling bits and bobs that we no longer used or wanted and were just gathering dust.

We have had some fab bargains off ebay also, I don't think I will ever buy DD's clothes new again. I got a very large, fab bundle of summer clothes mostly from Next for £8.00.

We have sold all of DD's shoes on there, she is on her 13th pair shock and she is only 19mo so if we didn't sell them we would have shoes all over the place lol.

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