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advice on what feedback i should give please

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warthog Thu 18-Jun-09 14:50:39

sorry, this is a bit long-winded.

i bought a top that was described as:

'It is in perfect, used once, condition with no marks or damage.'

i paid immediately. the seller emailed me to thank me and said that if i had any problems with the top, to please email her instead of leaving negative feedback.

but on receipt of the top it had 3 little buttons missing on the shoulder, which when you're wearing it are quite noticeable. the top is covered in little buttons which form part of the design. consequently i couldn't wear it to the function i bought it for.

the photos didn't show part of the top where the buttons were missing.

i emailed her. she offered me a £5 discount (about 10% discount) or said i could return it. i replied saying i didn't have time to repair it so i'd return it.

however i haven't had time and have emailed to say i'll keep the top. i didn't mention the discount, and she has taken it that she will not refund £5: 'I'm sure with all those 100's of buttons no one will notice 3 missing!'

now i have to leave feedback. i strongly suspect she did know the buttons were missing, but was hoping i wouldn't notice, hence the email to tell me to contact her if anything was wrong.

i don't want to leave negative feedback because she's got 100% positive, but i'm not overly happy.

if i said something like 'top was not as described, but seller did offer to compensate.' as positive feedback would that be ok? although i think that's going a bit easy on her.

basically i'm not very happy about the whole thing... maybe i should just return the damn thing and spend an hour in the f'ing queue at the awful post office where they're incredibly rude with a toddler and a just-crawling baby, standing next to shelves packed with sweets and toys... angry

Pingpong Thu 18-Jun-09 16:15:11

I would return the item, with 3 buttons missing it is neither 'perfect' or can it be described as 'no damage'. It may well have only been worn once and the buttons fell off in the washing machine but she has not described it accurately. If £5 is 10% discount it wasn't a 99p bargain so yes return it and get a refund.
Sorry your PO sounds so rubbish though, it does sound quite off putting!

EldonAve Thu 18-Jun-09 16:27:08

I would return it

Bucharest Thu 18-Jun-09 16:29:02

Me too.

<brief hijack, smac I followed your advice re paypal and got my money back from Boden woman within 24 hrs..thanks for the tip!)

Pingpong Thu 18-Jun-09 16:32:21

grin well done bucharest !

oliverboliverbutt Thu 18-Jun-09 16:35:48

I would return it and ask for the return postage.
If she agrees THEN leave + FB.
If she gives you a hassle, neg her.

warthog Thu 18-Jun-09 19:34:16

yes, thanks guys. will return it tomorrow morning.

yes, local post office is absolutely awful. and has gotten worse since the very lovely, well-run, really close one was closed down despite massive petitions and requests to reopen. arghghgh

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