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Seller has asked me to revise feedback. What to do?

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BionicleBill Mon 15-Jun-09 21:28:13

I bought some curtains a few months ago which were a real disappointment.

The measurement was wrong, and wonky as they were home made (not that well tbh) and you were supposed to self-hem to req'd length - only thing was it was about 6" shorter at one end hmm so too short for my windows.

They also smelt of smoke, which seller denied all knowledge of.

She was quite shirty when I complained, offered me a small amount of spare fabric to make a 'false hem' which I had no idea how to do - so I just asked politely to return them. I got a short reply with the address and sent them back at my own cost. 3 days later I had to chase her for the refund which then took another 24hrs.

She resold them with a revised listing for a lot more than I paid (as a buy it now she agreed to) so didn't lose out.

I lost out in terms of my postage but she never apologised once. On the email I sent to ask for the refund I said I wouldn't mark her down and thanked her for her efficiency (I was trying to get her to refund!) but still no apology or thanks from her.

She didn't leave me fb, and I only did hers today after it showed up on my list - I left a neutral with a simple comment that they were not quite as described, and smelt smoky but all resolved as she had refunded, and put thanks at the end.

I just had a request for fb revision - she says she is upset about the comments as I had said I wouldn't leave her bad fb.
She still has 100%, and I cans ee someone else put a slightly dodgy comment on one of her items with a POSitive fb, to which she replied 'ridiculous comment' bla bla so it seems she is very touchy person.

I am not sure what to do.
Thoughts please?

BionicleBill Mon 15-Jun-09 21:30:24

Oh she did say sorry once, initially, but it was more of a sorry to hear you feel that way, than an actual admission of guilt grin

The person who bought them later left positive.

PerfectPrefect Mon 15-Jun-09 21:34:04

I would leave it.

As long as you have described the situation accurately I think that is fair and accurate feedback.

The whole feedback system relies on honest feedback. If all buyers amended their feedback to suit the receiver of feedback it becomes a pointless system.

<She can't leave you negative feedback so won't impact on you BTW>

BionicleBill Mon 15-Jun-09 21:37:11

Thanks...I know, i just feel bad as I said I wouldn't mark her down but she seemed to take it for granted that I offered that and I do feel she is being a bit uppity.

I had a neg once (retaliatory) from a really dodgy seller, and felt awful seeing it on my feedback profile. So I almost know how she feels except that this was her fault!

Piffle Mon 15-Jun-09 21:39:25

I'd have negged her for not forking out for the return postage
HER error
Paypal would prob take buyers side tbh

PerfectPrefect Mon 15-Jun-09 21:42:56

I think that it is the buyers responsibility to fund postage.

If she had refunded postage I would have said that positive feedback may have been warranted in that she did EVERYTHING she could to help put teh situation right.

BionicleBill Mon 15-Jun-09 21:48:18

Well, she's just emailed to say that she ahdn't taken that into account, and offered to refund my postage if I revise the FB. So I have said yes as that is the perfect solution.

smile thanks for your help!

PerfectPrefect Mon 15-Jun-09 22:01:41

Even when you revise to a positive but IMO you should still state that there was lack of clarity in description but refund offered....

I would do something like.

Inaccuracies in description but sorted out easily with full refund.

<wonders if she is a MNetter and just read my post about postage refund!>

Pingpong Mon 15-Jun-09 22:30:00

that is like bribery though shock - seller pays you refund and you'll lift the neutral feedback! I know you want your refund but I'm not sure I approve!

IMO she should have offered a full refund to start with but glad you are getting all your money back. Do you think she fixed them? Seems strange the next buyer was so happy with them?

PerfectPrefect Mon 15-Jun-09 22:32:27

I agree it is a bit of a grey area. Which is why I say that you should still highlight the issues in the text of your feedback - just say that they have been resolved satisfactorily..

At the end of the day everyone is happy. The dispute as been resolved - and at the end of the day the seller didn't have to do that.

NeedaNewName Mon 15-Jun-09 22:36:34

No I wouldn't revise feedback, future buyers will look at her feedback to get a view on whther she's trustworthy or not, in this case she sold goods not as described and in poor quality, she needs to up her game to win back the trust. if shes any god she will do and eventually people will see that.

BionicleBill Tue 16-Jun-09 08:17:27

Thanks - I too feel uncomfortable about it, but it was her suggestion. I merely said I had found it hard to choose the correct feedback option due to having lost money on the transaction.

It is all about intention and I also felt her attitude was quite unfriendly which is why I didn't feel I could give her a positive - however if she is prepared to make amends financially it would make me think she wants to earn a good score, whether I like her or not - a decent seller will acknowledge responsibility and cover the buyer's costs.

If it had been simply that I didn't like them I would have happily paid return postage and given her a positive.

Still waiting for further communication, though. I expect she is reluctant to follow through with her offer - I think it would be a hard thing to do, and all due respect if she does it.

NeedaNewName Tue 16-Jun-09 11:59:35

Fair enough

BionicleBill Tue 16-Jun-09 12:26:43

Smac...the relist was revised, so that the measurements were correct. It makes a lot of difference if you have long enough curtains to cover your

I presume she either laundered them or aired them to get rid of the smoke, or maybe the second buyer didn't care about that.

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