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Item not received, gah!

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Bucharest Thu 11-Jun-09 12:35:36

I sell and buy on ebay, 100% positive f/b.

I bought (darn that MN getting me all Bodeny) 2 Boden skirts on 18/05. Never arrived. Things I bought 7-10 days later arrived within a week.

The seller has plenty of f/b (over 1,000) but about 4 negs in past year taking her to 98%.

I emailed her 3 days ago about the package not arriving and got a text messagey type reply..."I posted str8 away" that sort of thing. She said she was going to dig out the PO receipt but hasn't got back to me.

How would you word another email to her? I don't think this package is going to arrive. Looking at her f/b I think she might be the type who relists stuff later if she doesn't get the right price first time round.

I suppose my question is:
How long do I give her to refund me and put in a PO claim before I open a dispute? Don't I only have until 18/06 or is it longer than a month? The only other time something I bought didn't arrive I schtoopidly waited too long and then was timed-out (as it were) and just had to put it down to experience...

Pingpong Thu 11-Jun-09 15:36:49

18/5 ??? That's almost a month ago!

I would email stating that you still have not received the item and that you would now like a refund.

If she gets arsey then it's time to put in a dispute. I'd give her another 5 days to sort out a refund (if she is not arsey)

I think you have 45 days to start a dispute but that is what I read on another thread I haven't checked myself as I've only ever started disputes about non payment (never as a buyer)

Have you seen the item relisted or is it just a hunch?

Pingpong Thu 11-Jun-09 15:43:34

I've just looked and you can open a dispute 10 days after payment and the latest is 45 days as I thought. ebay help pages

Bucharest Thu 11-Jun-09 16:14:38

Thanks for that- I'll email her again politely now as she never got back to me 3 days back after going to look when she posted the stuff....I just get the feeling she's going to be narky about it, hey ho....
I actually prefer it when people use RD all the time, at least you know where you stand.

Thanks for your help smile

Bucharest Thu 11-Jun-09 16:15:38

Meant to say, just a hunch really about the just seems odd that in a year she's had 4 or 5 packages never arrive, and the neg f/bs all say she cuts off all contact as soon as they query it...

Pingpong Thu 11-Jun-09 21:23:39

yep does sound fishy.
Good luck

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