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Need to rant

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pigsinmud Sat 06-Jun-09 19:04:14

The other day ds2 persuaded me to bid on an item for him - star wars minifigure. He told me it was a rare red one. I agreed to bid up to £6.25 - far too high, but he was paying me. We were winning, but with a few minutes to go we were outbid - hurrah! Anyway, whilst I was out of the room ds2 put in a highest bid of £15. Needles to say we won it at £13.55 plus postage. I was mad.

Anyway item arrived. They'd sent an extra as our bid was so high!? Ds2 was happy until he realised that in fact it was coloured in with red pen!! When I checked the details it does say "hand painted with two layers of varnish". Bloody hell I'm so mad. I said to ds2 at the time, she's probably just assembled the parts and made it up, well it's one step worse at colouring them in.

I know the description did say it was painted, but how can someone rip off kids like that. It says "rare" well I should think it bloody well is as you coloured it in yourself. Some of the others have gone for £11. It's insane. I'm angry with myself for not reading it and even more annoyed with ds2 for putting in the bid.

PortAndLemon Sat 06-Jun-09 19:10:31

If he's paying you back out of his money, this will be a very good lesson for him.

Tryharder Sun 07-Jun-09 18:57:47

I would return it and request a refund. If the seller refuses, put in a dispute/claim. Some ebay sellers are really taking the piss.

But make sure your son pays you back anyway.

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