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buyer question wwyd

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wahwah1270 Fri 05-Jun-09 21:37:21

Last week I sold an item on ebay. The buyer paid straight away but i had made a typo on my paypal email address, so i sent her a message asking if she could reverse that payment and send payment to my correct details. Now she sent a mail saying she'd done so. Yet I called paypal and they said it was still at the wrong details. I have sent her another msil asking her to please pay the correct address but no answer. WWYD do i relist or keep trying to get her?

Pingpong Fri 05-Jun-09 21:55:15

I'd give her over the weekend to reply to your email and then if by Monday you have not received a reply and the payment I would get request her contact details from ebay and phone her.
Not everyone checks their emails as often as I do !
I think it would be unfair to relist the item right now as you admitted it was your error and she paid straight away.
Oh and send her an email to the email address attached to her paypal account and a message through the ebay message system as well.

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