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advice/help needed on returning faulty item

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asuwere Tue 02-Jun-09 20:17:44

I will try to keep this short but need some advice as been an ebayer for a LONG time and this is my first problem.

19th May - bought and paid for item
20th May - received email saying item not in stock, I could choose something else or get refund. I chose refund.
22nd May - emailed seller to chase refund
23rd May - received email saying item sent to me on 23rd May (?!) I queried this and then received reply saying item sent on 22nd May hmm
30th May - received item. clearly not new as described; damaged and unusable. Requested refund. Got reply saying that he is sending a replacement as agreed (???)
1st June - another reply asking if I want to keep the item or if I want a refund! Again asked for refund. Also opened dispute in Paypal.

Today received email saying that he will refund after I return item to him. He has said that he will also refund return postage but again only after he receives item. Being that I have to post this to China (I know!) and that the seller hasn't refunded since he first offered, should I send it back?

Do I just hope that he will keep his word or do I take the dispute to a claim in Paypal or do I just bite the bullet and accept I've lost my money?


lollzmum Tue 02-Jun-09 22:39:27

I would let paypal deal with it as an item not as described. I have had poor experiences with ebays dispute resolution but paypal seem very efficient. They will want you to have attempted to resolve issue yourself, personally I would ask for a refund to include postage fees before sending item back, if you do send always obtain proof of postage (receipt).
Considering time already wasted I would definitely let paypal deal with it ASAP, let them decide whether to trust his word on a refund! As a final thought is his feedback poor for other sales this may give you some insight into his integrity... good luck and don't buy from China again

sixlostmonkeys Wed 03-Jun-09 09:10:57

paypal will require you to return the item and give them the online tracking number to prove that it has been received.
Once this has been done you will get a refund for your original cost. Whether you will get a refund for the return postage is down to the seller...

asuwere Wed 03-Jun-09 20:07:59

thanks for replies. i've actually had another reply from him saying that he will do the refund as soon as he receives a copy of the proof of postage and could I please close the Paypal dispute

Will send it tomorrow and send him the postage receipt and just hope. At least if he refunds the original cost then I'll be better off.

Thank you

sixlostmonkeys Thu 04-Jun-09 08:25:54

don't close the dispute until you have your refund

asuwere Thu 04-Jun-09 19:27:23

Thanks, no, i'm definately not closing the dispute till i have all my money. have returned it today so fingers crossed

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