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buying used shoes on ebay - icky or no?

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sheneversaidit Wed 27-May-09 17:05:16

I need some sandals & have my eye on some on ebay. Some are new, but I worry are horrendous quality, some are used but I worry that is gross. I dont know why because I wear second hand clothes no problem but of course you can wash those. Also I dont want to buy something that is actually being marketed at perverts. What say you?

cuppachar Wed 27-May-09 19:39:29

I bought some used boots on ebay recently and they're not manky but are a bit too big unfortunately. I wouldn't be keen on the idea of used sandals personally as you don't wear socks in them.

If they're actually being marketed at perverts, definitely don't get involved! Having said that, most used shoes aren't and it's easy to judge by the item description - look for ones that say they're hardly worn, not dirty and sweaty (which I hope you would anyway grin)

higgle Thu 28-May-09 16:10:41

I have two very nice pairs of shoes I bought on ebay - one pair of red clarks lace up casual shoes, which I got for half new price, they had only been worn once by someone who had got the wrong size. The others are two tone taupe shoes with a medium heel that had just been worn to a wedding - if they are described as only having been worn a few times they should be fine - you can tell if the seller is OK from feedback and a look at their other items for sale.

simplesusan Sun 31-May-09 22:01:49

I wouldn't buy shoes as I really do have to try them on as I don't have standard fitting feet but wide feet. Probably would if my feet were more of a standard size though but only new/hardly worn ones.

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