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Can anyone advise me on best way to sell a MASSDIVE lot of DD`s designer clothes ?

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shamefulx Wed 27-May-09 15:49:14

I have at least 2 dustbin bags of designer clothes belonging to my dd`s .
There is literally over 1000.00 worth when new
Should i put the whole lot on as one item or would they do better in smaller bundles ?
The girls are having any money made btw for their summer holiday !
Any advise would be most welcome.

TreeHuggerMum1 Wed 27-May-09 16:12:23

Do you have a NCT near you, put them into their Nearly New sale.

nickschick Wed 27-May-09 16:13:49


expatinscotland Wed 27-May-09 16:14:08

i second NCT. you take the cash and then LEAVE afterwards.

Ebay's become a place where many buyers just take the piss.

pavlovthecat Wed 27-May-09 16:15:47

ebay - or on here.

Most expensive items sell individually as you will get more in total. I am not good with job lots as I only like one or two items and the postage is high for things I do not really want.

But, if you have good quality items that wont get much on their own, then sell them in small lots of 2-3 to get a couple of £ for them.

Paolosgirl Wed 27-May-09 16:17:21

I second NCT. I was had by some cow woman in the Midlands the last time I sold something, and Paypal refunded her the money before I'd even blinked angry. Ebay is becoming a place where buyers can get away with murder.

shamefulx Wed 27-May-09 17:08:00

NCT is a good idea but the clothes are for a teen ?
Didn`t realise ebay had got so awful- thanks for telling me.
Might do a link on here also - thanks

PersephoneSnape Wed 27-May-09 18:00:44

I'll give you a fiver for the lot! grin

seriously - ebay is a pain, i think you'd do better on here...if you were going with ebay I'd sell as a job lot with a low start but with a reserve that is the least you would accept. best of luck

Paolosgirl Wed 27-May-09 19:06:54

Sorry, shamefulx, I thought they were for younger children. The NCT is probably not the place then..

Give ebay a go, but be really strict in your advert as to who you you will sell to (ie, no-one who hides their feedback, you nasty Midland's woman), always send recorded delivery, if you're offering a collection option specify cash only, let buyers know when you'll post etc etc, and set a reserve as Persephone says.

Or you could offer them on MN and let have first dibs wink grin

RebeccaP604 Sat 13-Oct-12 16:27:21

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

chelseananny Tue 23-Oct-12 21:49:08

I think ebay is definitely the place to sell. Just sold some of my friends baby stuff (quite a few designer things) and got over 300 pounds for it.

You do need to be careful though as people have said above buyers seem to be getting a lot better deal on ebay these day (in terms of refunds being granted) you just need to be honest in your listing if there is a hole (no matter how small) say that in description. and say refer to the photo for more details (if its a shade of colour as some people might say its something else to what you think it is etc.

I think small lots are best or something really good on its own.

Proof of postage is a must at the post office!

HalleLouja Wed 24-Oct-12 12:42:14

I would send it all recorded delivery just to make sure it is all received. Worth a go on ebay.

JackThePumpkinKing Wed 24-Oct-12 12:44:16

What an old thread!

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