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Parcelfarce or courier - item over 5 kg ?

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notcitrus Tue 12-May-09 22:21:44

I've listed a laptop and accessories for sale, and put p+p at £11.99 as all the similar ones were £12ish.

Checked Royal Mail site and max weight for parcels is 5kg. Weighed items and together they're over 5 kg, prob 6 with packing!

How can I send it? Parcelforce or a better option? The item is worth under £100.

Also I've been asked if I'll send to Spain - is there a scam-proof way to do that? Only 1 watcher so would like to say yes if I can be sure not getting ripped off.


notcitrus Wed 13-May-09 18:19:43


KnickKnack Wed 13-May-09 18:34:41

Do you have Fastway in UK?
In Ireland they are one of the cheapest couriers (they're very reliable too)

lol @ Parcelfarce

notcitrus Thu 14-May-09 19:02:54

Thanks Knick.
Looked up Fastway - they don't seem to cover London! They do random bits of the country and are advertising for more franchisees.

So no good. Parcelforce will do for the UK (only £1 more than I've charged), but would be £49 to Spain!

ironstone Sat 16-May-09 14:13:04

I use & used to use as they are 20p more but still really good. They both use DHL and I use them for all my ebay listings

notcitrus Sun 17-May-09 20:00:31

Thank you - have emailed discountdelivery for a quote to Spain (despite all the spelling mistakes on their website and the requirement to be a Mr, Mrs or Miss and have a phone number...grr!)

mowcop Sat 30-May-09 22:56:12

I know it's too late now, but I send 10+ parcels a week and use
They are £8.04 for upto 20kg with UPS. Might be useful to know for next time!

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