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Think I've been ripped off re postage, what would you do and suggestions for emails to seller please!

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Flibbertyjibbet Sat 09-May-09 18:11:35

I bought two teeny weeny little polly pocket items for £4, postage was £2.99 which I thought was high (items very teeny and very light) but thought maybe will come registered mail, padded envelope etc.
When I won I went to pay but clicked on 'carry on shopping with this seller'. So I had a look at other items and she had two other little polly pockets ending in a couple of mins no bids, postage also £2.99. I quite liked them and thought well I'll bid on that as the postage will be combined. I put 99p on and won that item. By this time she'd invoiced me for the first item £7-odd inc p & p.
So I send a 'request total from seller' saying that I already won one item, could she please combine postage and i'll wait for the invoice for 2nd item before paying.


'Sorry as you did not enquire about combined postage before bidding I am unable to offer a reduction'

Was a bit annoyed, but thought I'd wait till the items arrived to see how much actual postage/registered/packaging etc had cost her.

Arrived today. All 4 tiny items in some bubble wrap, brown paper and sellotape parcel measuring about 3 x 4 inches. Postage for the lot, £1.64.

So even with her brown paper packaging added on, her total postage costs are £2 and she charged me £5.98.

If I'd sold that I would not have charged AT ALL for postage on the 2nd item.

Have not left feedback yet just wondering what to do as she's made £4 postage on items I paid £5 for.

Any suggestions while I go and finish a birthday cake?

sugarpear Sat 09-May-09 18:17:35

im a big ebayer seller and there is no way id had have charged 2.99 for one lot let alone 2!

I do think its very high amount for postage costs.

Technically you agreed to pay these costs but she should have been more reasonable imo.

not sure if you could dispute this through paypal?

CarGirl Sat 09-May-09 18:22:12

You can reflect this in your feedback. You can also report her to Ebay because that is excessive P&P.

I expect to pay 50p-£1 above actual postage costs but what she charged is excessive and a way of making profit without incurring ebay final fees.

Flibbertyjibbet Sat 09-May-09 18:22:51

I was wondering whether to email and ask if she would like to 'reconsider' her non-combining, and state how much I saw on the parcel stamps?
With a mention perhaps of how the money for postage is meant for POSTAGE and combinations of POSTAGE should be dependent on the actual cost of postage, and not whether I applied for it in advance.

I haven't left her feedback yet, I've never negged anyone in nearly 400 transactions but I think I would do it this time if she doesn't refund me.

Can you do a dispute for excessive postage through paypal or would I just have to report her for unfair postage costs?

btw all the other polly pocket items I've been buying (for my three year old SON grin) have had max £2 postage on for the little things and £2.50 for a larger one and most of those include registered post and bubble envelopes!

tiggerlovestobounce Sat 09-May-09 18:27:26

Did it all arrive in 1 package? If so then I think you are entitled to complain.

If she put all the items together in 1 package then I think she should have passed on the saving to you.

CarGirl Sat 09-May-09 18:30:56

I would email her and just state the facts that you paid for 2 lots of P&P and she combined the items into 1 and therefore you expect the savings to be passed onto you otherwise she is avoiding paying ebay final value fees which is clearly against their rules & regulations.

mazzystartled Sat 09-May-09 18:38:59

she is taking the mickey

if she combined the parcel she should combine the cost

lou222 Sat 09-May-09 18:53:11

you def need to neg her otherwise she will just carry on doing it and getting away with it and it's not fair to all the honest ebayers.

mygirllollipop Sat 09-May-09 20:58:42

She is entitled to not combine p&p even though she sent together in one package.
However ebay are trying to tighten up on fee avoidance through hefty P&P charges.
I doubt she will reconsider but I would report to ebay and mark down stars when leaving fb.

Flibbertyjibbet Sat 09-May-09 21:00:48

Oh thats a good idea to say that as she combined the items into one package and only paid one lot of p&p then so should I.

She has left me glowing feedback about 10 seconds after I paid, probably thinking that she should be nice to me!

I will get my sons party (finshed a farking Power Rangers cake finally!) out of the way tomorrow then compose an email.

I have been buying the toys off ebay to save money on his birthday stuff so its upsetting to be ripped off for p&p when I'm not in a position to just go to a shop and get him new stuff sad

southeastastra Sat 09-May-09 21:04:38

you did bid knowing the postage price and should have asked about combining the postage before bidding.

whatever send her an email before leaving fb

Overmydeadbody Sat 09-May-09 21:04:47

She is taking the piss shock

feedthegoat Sat 09-May-09 21:06:29

I agree it's high but I also think it is unfair to negative feedback someone for something that they never agreed to do in the first place. If I want to bid on something on the basis of combining postage I always ask first as I don't think it is fair to just presume it is ok. She hasn't charged you anything she didn't warn you about beforehand so personally I'd chalk it down to experience and ask first next time.

tiggerlovestobounce Sat 09-May-09 21:11:56

But if she didnt want to combine she should have sent it in more than 1 package.
I think its perfectly valid not to want to combine postage, I know that some organised people make up the packages when they list the items, so I can understand that they might not want to combine. If you put multiple items in 1 parcel then you should offer a reduction.

feedthegoat Sat 09-May-09 21:17:43

I totally agree that she should combine postage (and as a seller I would be more than happy to do so) but I think when it comes to such things you should never take it for granted without checking first thats all. She is behaving unfairly but I think it's best to cover yourself first rather than complain afterwards.

Flibbertyjibbet Sat 09-May-09 21:32:34

I only bid on the 2nd item at the last minute. I didn't take it for granted that she would combine postage, I made a polite request. Its the fact that the postage only cost £1.64 and hardly any packaging costs, when the postage charged was £5.98.

I just can't understand why a seller would think thats reasonable?

Would never neg before emailing anyway.

Imo p&p is to cover the expense of postage and packing for however many items you buy from a seller. If the postage and packing works out a lot lower because a buyer bought more than one item then it should be reflected in the postage and packing charged surely.

If it had been say £1.50 per item and she wouldn't combine then I wouldnt' have been so annoyed. But £2.99 x 2 when the actual postage was £1.64? Can't be right.

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