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Summer Ebay Challenge!!! Shall we try for another £300?

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mogs0 Sat 18-Apr-09 20:10:29

I need motivating to de-clutter and make my bank account look a bit healthier!!! I've got loads of bags and boxes packed with car-boot stuff that didn't sell the other week so might start with that and list those things at 99p just to make a bit of space.

Anyone with me? Shall we set the deadline for end of Summer term (about the 18th July here)?

FAQinglovely Sat 18-Apr-09 20:14:40

oh fabulous - I started the last one then moved house quicker than I expected - I'll join you on this one I think grin

I'm hoping to do a couple of car boot sales as well so may add totals from there into my tally if that's ok

Tortoise Sat 18-Apr-09 20:18:00

I will probably try and join in despite annoying neg feedback yesterday!

Will start sometime next week once school is back and house is back to normal!

mogs0 Sat 18-Apr-09 20:20:19

I was hoping you'd start this one too (I was a bit scared to!!) (I'm such a chicken!!).

How was the move? I've moved 3 times since having ds (age6) and each time I move I plan to sort things out as I'm UN-packing in the new house but never do but it has to end now because the walls are closing in.

I'm hoping to do a car-booty soon too (if I can persuade someone to lend me their car-boot) so, yes, lets turn this one into an ebay/car-boot challenge!!

mogs0 Sat 18-Apr-09 20:21:42

Tortoise - x-post. Don't be put off by that idiot just think about all the lovely feedback you've received and forget about the bad one. smile

Tortoise Sat 18-Apr-09 20:48:48

Thanks mogs. smile

Might see if i can find someone to help me do a car boot (Someone who has a car!grin)

jimblejambles Sat 18-Apr-09 20:48:54

Can I join in too please? I need to declutter my house to get more handbags space grin

mygirllollipop Sat 18-Apr-09 21:03:07

Would like to join this please. I have joined previous challenges but not done too well and have watched them all.
(I won't make anywhere near this much but it's about space more than money with me).

SNOWBall4girlz Sat 18-Apr-09 21:59:46

Count me in too.
Will be listing loads this week and doing a car boot too with the bulky stuff when it fits in with dh shifts.

Trying to take pictures of all the summer dresses that dd4 never wore
digital cameras make them look washed out.

notcitrus Sat 18-Apr-09 22:52:41

Count me in. Have 41 listings atm, made £45 so far this month. And sorted out various techie things for MrNC to tell me what they are...

ActivityApple Sun 19-Apr-09 12:07:10

Message withdrawn

Podrick Sun 19-Apr-09 13:09:18

I am up to £ target is £500 and so far 91 items have sold or will sell!

I think I will have to see if I can find another 100 items although it is very time consuming. Now if only I could stop buying things from ebay as well I might be able to actually bank the money wink

Did anyone do a carboot this morning?

Tortoise Sun 19-Apr-09 19:32:28

Wow prod that is really good. smile
I end up buying things too! grin

Aimsmum Mon 20-Apr-09 19:20:56

Message withdrawn

Tortoise Mon 20-Apr-09 19:22:30

I might start listing tomorrow night. smile

Aims Hope your stuff sells. What are you selling at the moment?

I think i have more clothes and toys to get listed.

wilbur Mon 20-Apr-09 19:26:31

This is a good idea, can I join? I have loads of stuff that was supposed to go to our local NCT sale, but now they have changed the format and I can't do it. Not sure it will make £300 though, but I can at least try. smile

Aimsmum Mon 20-Apr-09 19:29:25

Message withdrawn

Tortoise Mon 20-Apr-09 19:35:59

Thanks. Am watching the heely type shoes. DD1 wants some and it is her birthday soon.
Like the bench long sleeve top too but can't really afford to buy for myself! Will check later if other items show up. smile

Aimsmum Mon 20-Apr-09 19:41:45

Message withdrawn

Tortoise Mon 20-Apr-09 19:49:25

That would be great don't want you to lose out if they might go for more though. smile
DD1 is a size 11 at the moment but i believe they recommend going up 1-2 sizes for skates.

TheOtherMaryPoppinsDiets Mon 20-Apr-09 19:50:17

Can I join you all?

I am on an Ebay mission to get enough cash for holiday spending money for last week in August.

I have some stuff to post out tomorrow, ran out of brown tape. I forgot to put half an item in a box that used last brown tape on so had to buy more today and re wrap it then missed the PO blush

I am mainly selling kids stuff, pram stuff, clothing and shoes. Running out of spare things to sell though so looking for bargains in charity shops, car boots and local ads - would that mean I would need to register as a business does anyone know?

Aimsmum Mon 20-Apr-09 19:51:04

Message withdrawn

Tortoise Mon 20-Apr-09 19:53:24

TheOtherMaryPoppinsDiets I have bought things from charity shops to sell on before. Don't think that counts a buisness unless you plan a lot of listings from it!

Thanks Aims. Sounds perfect. Erm.. not sure how to end it though. grin

Aimsmum Mon 20-Apr-09 20:22:38

Message withdrawn

Tortoise Mon 20-Apr-09 20:39:42

Email sent. smile
I tried all of DD1 and DD2's summer clothes on them tonight. Nearly all still fit or have passed to DD2. DD2 even had a pair of shorts age 1-1 1/2 that fit her ok! She is such a skinny thing! grin

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