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Messed up my first listing...Help

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givethedogAhomebirth Thu 26-Feb-09 10:48:04

Message withdrawn

JumpingDizzy Thu 26-Feb-09 10:49:21

no you can go in as long as no one has bid yet. AFAIK?

JumpingDizzy Thu 26-Feb-09 10:50:34

i meant go back in and change your reserve.

givethedogAhomebirth Thu 26-Feb-09 10:53:50

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 26-Feb-09 10:54:53

Try it and see.

JumpingDizzy Thu 26-Feb-09 10:56:13

no don't think you can change anything once someone's bid sad

JumpingDizzy Thu 26-Feb-09 10:57:00

maybe you can remove from listing?

SoupDragon Thu 26-Feb-09 10:57:49

You can end the auction and cancel the bids, then relist.

givethedogAhomebirth Thu 26-Feb-09 10:58:20

Message withdrawn

givethedogAhomebirth Thu 26-Feb-09 10:58:46

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 26-Feb-09 10:59:41

Ebay help

SoupDragon Thu 26-Feb-09 11:00:27

Edit listing which says you can lower the reserve. I guess this means you can't increase it though.

givethedogAhomebirth Thu 26-Feb-09 17:40:04

Message withdrawn

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