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Someone has made a best offer, which I rejected and now am havign second thoughts. What happens if.....

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Tobermory Wed 04-Feb-09 19:53:57

Someone put a best offer in on one of my items which i refused, and because someone else withdrew their higher offer, am now regretting!
I am able to identify them, through identifiable stuff in their feedback.
What do we think would happen if i messaged them to say.... if you make that offer again i will accept.

Tobermory Wed 04-Feb-09 20:07:25

Am i likely to have to face any consequences from ebay?

NancyAnnSeancy Wed 04-Feb-09 20:09:20

No, I don't think ebay will care smile

Although you might not hear abck from the offerer it is worth a try!

Mspontipine Wed 04-Feb-09 21:39:18

I've done that too with a bit of Sherlock Holmesing!! Doubt if Ebay'll know unless she reports it but can't see why of it's to her advantage.

Tobermory Wed 04-Feb-09 21:53:50

have sent a message, just have to wait and see!

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