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Ebay have removed items after I have paid for them

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sarahken Fri 23-Jan-09 21:37:24

Hi, I have just received 29 emails from paypal and ebay regarding items I have either bid on or won from a seller.In the end I ended up winning 7 of this lady's items for Humphreys corner/gap/mothercare baby clothing totalling £30, the auctions ended on Tuesday and Wednesday night. I have also received two 2nd chance offers from this seller which I did not take up. She had no feedback but I trusted the seller all the same. Ebay have now removed all the auctions and paypal has said they have been removed also. They have said the transactons are now classed as null and void and have been removed from my 'won' page. However, the seller still has my money as paypal have not reversed the transaction. If these transactions are null and void, surely they should have given me my money back as they have advised me not to complete the transactions. I'm now filed a dispute with the seller for my money back, is this the way to go? Please help, I know its only £30, but its a lot of money to me at the moment,please help, never had this problem before.

siriusmewsaysochayethenoo Fri 23-Jan-09 22:20:02

Have you contacted PayPal? Do they have some kind of insurance for this kind of thing?

carrielou2007 Fri 23-Jan-09 22:22:34

Yes, a dispute is the way to go. I bought an item and it was totally broken and useuable and then got simiar message form paypal. I had to open a dispute, got my money back and got to keep the item. It does take a bit of time though (think took about 3 weeks) but you should get it back, good luck xx

sarahken Fri 23-Jan-09 22:34:53

Haven't received the items as yet, but she may have been waiting to see if I took up the 2nd chance offers to combine postage, as I only won the other bits on Wednesday, Have filed an item not received dispute. Have checked on ebay but the seller is no longer a registered user. Was a bit suspicious that the seller had no feedback and was offering second chance offers on used items I had been outbid on within 24 hours of the auctions finishing, so I didn't take up these offers thank god. Can escalate dispute to a claim on 27th, so will have to see how I get on. Seems ridiculous that these have been completely withdrawn from ebay etc and considered totally void, but I have to wait to get my money back and for me to file a claim first.

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