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Should I sell them seperately or all as a package?

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MrsSnape Sun 18-Jan-09 14:19:49

I am about to put The Sims 2 PC game on ebay but I also have a load of expansion packs to sell with it.

They're going for around £3 each on their own, The sims 2 was going for aroudnd £8.

Should I sell the lot together as one big package or all seperately do you think?

divedaisy Sun 18-Jan-09 14:38:59

Have a look on ebay and see how others are selling like items. When you sell individually you may end up with bits left over, but if you sell collectively you might alienate some if they have parts of the bundle already. Also if you sell individually you will have the 'hassle' of posting off smaller bundles etc.

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