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I'm being stupid, but how do I arrange courier pick-up?

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Habbibu Mon 08-Dec-08 19:41:35

There's an item on ebay I'd like to get, but it's pick-up only. The seller has said they'll accept courier pick-up - how do I arrange this, if I win? Do I ask the seller to pack it appropriately, or will the courier do this? I'm guessing there'd be a fair amount of correspondence between me and the seller over weight, dimensions, when to pick up, etc. Anyone done this? Apologies for what's really, I'm sure, a pretty daft question...

mustsleep Mon 08-Dec-08 19:59:06

if you go to they can do it for you, you pick a range of options and then process it through and arrange the collection

this really only works if the seller is avaiable during weekdays though as they can not offer a time

i have used them a number of times when i have sold things on ebay and they are good

hth grin

mogs0 Mon 08-Dec-08 19:59:12

You need to find a courier I use "you sell we deliver" £8.99 for up to 30kg (£9.99 if you want the driver to take labels for the parcel). If I'm arranging the courier as a buyer then I usually pay the extra £1 for the labels, as a seller I print them myself. You'll need the exact measurements of the item and the weight. The courier I use won't specify a time for pick-up but will collect the parcel from a safe location (front/side garden?) but I assume this is at your own risk.

heymammy Mon 08-Dec-08 20:06:46

The seller will def need to box/pack the item up properly for the courier to collect, also tell you the weight & dimensions so that you can book the courier.

If the seller is v busy or at work then I'm guessing arranging a pick up day would be a nightmare but if they've stated in the listing that they would accept a courier pick up then I'm sure it shouldn't be too much of a prob.

<<wonders if Habbibu is looking at her item which is listed exactly as this grin>>

Habbibu Mon 08-Dec-08 20:06:51

Oh, great, thank you. I'll hold off and see if I win, and then see what arrangements I can make with the seller.

Habbibu Mon 08-Dec-08 20:07:16

heymammy, is it a bike?

heymammy Mon 08-Dec-08 20:10:52

ah 'tis not a bike...a huuuge bundle of baby toys!

febreezed Wed 23-Apr-14 12:26:37, couriers already going in similar direction to your item can give a quote to puck up on way. I have used previously for collection of large eBay items and they were excellent. Think you can simply put the eBay item number in and they can work out cost from there...

LavenderGreen14 Wed 23-Apr-14 14:31:35

the seller doesn't have any protection if they let a buyer arrange a courier btw - it is never recommended.

benstevens1234 Thu 12-May-16 15:12:28

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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