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seller doesn't want to sell cos it didn't go for enough ..

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nappyaddict Fri 31-Oct-08 21:46:43

they have sent me an email through ebay saying

"Hi Sorry for the confusion but there was supposed to be a reserve price on this item, this my first time on ebay and i dont know how or why there was not a reserve price, i am extreamly sorry but i cant let it go for that price, there is a lot of stuff there and cost me too much to let it go for that money so im going to relist it tomorrow and give you a buy it now price if thats ok, once again im very sorry for the any inconvenience."

Is there a way I can complain to Ebay about this?

misi Fri 31-Oct-08 21:49:52

sounds like he is playing the system. if I remember correctly, you pay more to list an item if there is a reserve price on it? drop e bay an email and copy his email to them and see what they say

FAQ Fri 31-Oct-08 21:52:01

he/she is talking bullshit - they would have been able to see there was no reserve price on the item any time they checked it - so could easily have rectified it if they'd missed it off on initial listing.

iLoveIceCream Fri 31-Oct-08 21:53:17

has the seller any previous feedback (so u know if he really is new to ebay)

theirmum Fri 31-Oct-08 21:55:36

Its true to add a firstly you cant add a reserve under £50 (dont know if that would be an issue) secondly he would be charges to add a reserve price £2! I would say your not going to get the item all you can really do is report the item as not received and leave him feedback to reflect it!

nappyaddict Fri 31-Oct-08 21:58:54

They only have feedback of 1 and joined on 29th august so she is telling the truth about that part. The item went for £41 so she obviously wanted more than £50 for it and therefore could have added a reserve.

LittleMissNorty Fri 31-Oct-08 22:02:20

report them to e-bay as item not received and e-they them a copy of the e-mail. Have they refunded you? did you pay by paypal.

They are taking the piss and shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.

nappyaddict Fri 31-Oct-08 22:04:05

I haven't paid yet. I have been out to a halloween party tonight and not long got back. The listing ended at 6:40 and they emailed me about an hour later saying that.

MrsMagooo Sat 01-Nov-08 07:03:49

Sounds like bull to me hun - seller just does.'t want to sell it at that - it's his fault he should of started the bidding higher!!

nappyaddict Sat 01-Nov-08 13:11:07

How do i copy a header from an email? Ebay want to me to copy and paste it to them.

Marne Sat 01-Nov-08 13:16:05

I would let it go TBH, they may be telling the truth and it doesn't sound like they are going to let you have the item. It is there fault for not putting a reserve on but theres not alot you can do apart from report them to e-bay.

MrsMagooo Sat 01-Nov-08 13:16:15

You should be able to drag over it to highlight it then click copy....

DoNotAttempttoblowupparliament Sat 01-Nov-08 13:18:48

If you forward the email he sent they should get what we think of as the header.

jenkel Sat 01-Nov-08 13:19:14

I would also let it go, sounds like they are new to ebay, you arent going to get the item, the seller has lost out as they will now have to pay 2 lots of listing fees. You havent paid anything so you havent lost out at all.

DoNotAttempttoblowupparliament Sat 01-Nov-08 13:25:30

The buyer and seller have entered into a contract, to sell at the final listing price. If you were at Sotherbys and "forgot" to put a reserve on it would be tough luck.

I doubt you would get the item, but I don't see what would be lost by complaining to ebay. There are rules and the seller has broken those rules. NA has every right to complain.

Bucharest Sat 01-Nov-08 13:33:03

Tough titty.
Report them.
They'll learn.

expatinscotland Sat 01-Nov-08 13:40:10

i wouldn't let it go, either.

i'd report them.

even if you haven't paid and don't get the item.

that's just cheek and even a nitwit would know about reserve pricing.

MrsMagooo Sat 01-Nov-08 14:04:03

I would report it too.

Yes Nappy won't get the item but the seller has entered into a contract & therfor should sell it at the winning price.

Whether the seller is new or not she hasn't got the right to refuse the sale under those circumstances.

She would have been able to see very clearly that there was no reserve price on her lising & if she didn't want to pay the £1.99 fee for placing a reserve price then she should have set the starting bid higher.

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