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Please help - I can't get my photo to upload onto ebay, anyone had/having a similar problem today

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meemar Thu 30-Oct-08 15:45:04

I'm currently trying to sell an item and when I try to upload the photo it's giving me an error code FP001 and saying the picture file 'cannot be found on my computer'.

I know the problem is not with the photo as I've also tried to upload a picture I used successfully last week, and it's giving the same message. Ebay Help topics are not helpful.

Has anyone had this and how did you sort it out?

Thanks smile

I have'nt been trying to upload photos, but have been on Ebay buying, and it's been acting odd all afternoon.

I've been having problems with searches on there.

I'd leave it a while and try again later.

nailpolish Thu 30-Oct-08 15:59:05

i uploaded a photo on ebay this afternoon without any problems

Bucharest Fri 31-Oct-08 08:19:06

I uploaded some OK yesterday, and some crashed my IE for some reason...I think it depends how busy the site is sometimes.

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