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I think I've been had.

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Febes Thu 30-Oct-08 12:49:08

We are looking for a fireplace for our 1905 house as there is a 1960/70 gas fire in here at the moment and we hate it and want to have a real fire like in our old place.
I have been looking on ebay for the past few weeks and bidding but always was out bid.
I finally won one on Tuesday for GBP198 so was really pleased and immediately got in touch wth the seller to arrange pick up and payment etc. He sent an email back saying his paypal had been blocked immediately after the bidding ended hmm and I was to pay through his 'ebay agent' at an italian address.
I smelt a rat so said I didn't feel comfortable with the payment method and couldn't I pay when we picked up the fireplace at his convenience. He said he would 'send the item' as soon as I arranged payment through the italian agent. I was like how can you send a fireplace (its like he didn't even know what the item was)
I have given him my phone number 2 times and asked for his he gave me a starnge address for westminster london as the pick up when I said that I would send the money when I knew what the pick up address was.

Anyway I haven't paid and now haven't heard anything for the past 24 hours is this bogus?? I think it must be. Darn angry Does anyone have a nice period fireplace?
Will this ruin my ebay record?

Ivegotaheadache Thu 30-Oct-08 12:58:50

Luckily you didn't send them money. Report it to ebay and see what they say. They probably won't gas but you can try.

MrsMagooo Thu 30-Oct-08 13:20:20

That sounds seriously dodgy - like you say it sounds like he didn't even know what the item was!!

Thank goodness you didn't pay!

I would contact Ebay for advise & explain what the seller has asked you to do re paymemt.

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