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how do i end a listing on ebay (mistake made with end time)

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krugerparkrules Mon 27-Oct-08 19:28:34

i stupidly listed my bugaboo for sale, wanted it to end on sunday evening, and noticed i had put in 9am not 9pm. so can i end it today, and then re-list it to end on monday 9pm - does anyone know how i end a listing. can i do this myself or do i have to email ebay?
Or would you just keep it ending on sunday 9.00am and hope for the best!!!!!

liahGeneMutatedMonster Mon 27-Oct-08 19:29:15

you can go in and use Edit to make changes.

leoemma Mon 27-Oct-08 19:32:48

Am sure you can only end it early if you have no bids.

krugerparkrules Mon 27-Oct-08 20:23:52

leoemma, no bids, so managed to cancel it and relisted .... (i couldnt do it in the edit changes, wouldnt let me) feel happier knowing its ending in the evening and not first thing in the morning!
Thanks for the advice

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