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when do I leave feedback for buyers?

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JJ Mon 27-Oct-08 12:11:53

Have just posted a few items - my first stuff, whoo hoo - and need to leave feedback for the buyers. When do I do this? After they leave feedback for me or now? They should receive the stuff tomorrow (they all won auctions yesterday).


mishymoo Mon 27-Oct-08 12:23:20

I leave feedback once the payment has gone into my paypal account. They will usually leave you feedback after they have received the item. You can always remind them after a couple of days in case they forget!

JJ Mon 27-Oct-08 12:33:45

Thanks! Will do it now.

sixlostmonkeys Mon 27-Oct-08 14:54:11

Leave feedback at the end of the transaction, ie when the buyer lets you know they have received the item and are happy with it.
Don't ask for feedback, it really is the most annoying thing. You can of course send a message and ask if they have received their item, but if you have sent them a "Your item has been dispatched" mail then there should be no need - they know to expect it and will contact you if it doesn't arrive. Hear nothing? assume all is good.

Lilyloo Mon 27-Oct-08 19:35:30

Chasing feedback not good some buyers just don't bother.
I leave after they do as seller , when item recieved as buyer.

SlasherGoober Mon 27-Oct-08 19:38:39

I wait til the payment has cleared, post the item, and leave feedback. I also send them a message to say it is on its way.

JJ Sat 01-Nov-08 13:23:27

Thanks all. I left the first batch of feedback after payment then am leaving the second batch until after they've left it for me.

Has been really quite fun. Stressful but fun, I should say. I love the print your own postage bit, too.

MorticiaDoom Sat 01-Nov-08 13:29:59

Sixlostmonkeys, out of interest why do you say that? I buy not sell on ebay and as far as I am concerned feedback for me should be made after I pay as I have then completed my part of the transaction. I then leave feedback after I receive the item as the seller has then completed their part. I either leave no feedback or just a brief "Item received with thanks" if the seller hasn't left me feedback. I do this because I left negative feedback in the past only for the seller to leave negative in retaliation when actually I had paid quickly. I know things have changed so wondered if I should now change how I do it?

beaniescreamyb Sat 01-Nov-08 13:32:19

When you know they have the item and they have left feedback for you. Never leave feedback after payment. you need to be sure they are happy with the goods once they have arrived!

What if you leave great feedback and then they claim they never got the item, or try to get a refund for no good reason!

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